Wonderful YaH: The Unveiling

Wonderful YaH: The Unveiling


This book begins by accepting the challenge of some of the most thought-provoking Scriptures in the entire Bible—Proverbs 30:2–4. Throughout the book’s exploration of the divinity of God, a power hidden within God’s Hebrew name is discovered and then unleashed to answer the question, What is His name, and what is the name of His Son? The mystery of the Godhead is then subdued as God’s Hebrew name erupts as the correct foundation on which to discuss the relationship between the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Scriptural doors that once seemed impenetrable now open easily with a turn of a key, helping you to connect with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in a deeper, more focused way.

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Who is God really? Over the past two millennia, people have tried to understand the mystery of the Godhead using human reasoning and thinking, but their efforts fail every time. According to author Matthew William Marx, understanding the mystery of the divinity of God is both simple and profound when we know how to use the key Jesus gave us. Wonderful YaH: The Unveiling helps solve the mystery of who God truly is by examining the origins of God’s name and being.

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