Will God Save Everyone? Christian Universalism, Hell, Heaven, and the Scriptures


This thorough refutation of Christian universalism examines the ancient heresy gaining acceptance within the evangelical church that says all will ultimately be saved through Christ, and outlines the truths of Scripture on salvation through faith, heaven, and hell. An important resource on universalism, salvation, heaven, and hell for pastors, teachers, church leaders.

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Will all be saved?

There is an ancient heresy gaining acceptance within the evangelical church. The heresy is Christian universalism and claims all created beings will ultimately be saved through Jesus Christ. Universalists hold a low view of the authority of the Scriptures, teach salvation after death, and view Hell as a temporary place of purification. But God’s Word clearly teaches we are not automatically saved, each person must actively place his or her faith in Jesus Christ, and the reality of an eternal Hell.

In this thorough refutation of Christian universalism, the teachings of numerous Christian universalists are examined and compared to what the Bible teaches.


  • Why salvation is not universal
  • How to refute the teachings of the Christian universalists
  • Why Christian universalists believe what they believe
  • What the Bible says about Heaven and Hell.

What we decide in this life determines our eternal destiny. Universalist hopes are ephemeral dreams that vanish when confronted by the daylight of Scripture.

I often see churches and professing Christians compromising on the truth of Scripture or denying vitally important teachings to be “acceptable.” Dr. James W. Walraven has produced a much-needed resource for anyone who wants to know the truth about these strange teachings worming their way into ministry and churches. He concisely addresses some of the largest issues facing our faith today. I heartily encourage everyone to take advantage of his hard work and be better prepared to face lies or misleading claims and teachings.

—Rev. Dave Kinder, pastor and church planter


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