White Stick

White Stick


White Stick is Jacqueline Marie’s raw, honest personal account of how the decision to abort her baby changed her soul. She offers a firsthand look at the abortion procedure and the aftermath of shame and guilt that led to other poor choices—all in an attempt to dull the pain and the emotional scars caused by her abortions. A fresh encounter with Christianity and a rereading of the creation story and God’s promises began her journey to healing, culminating in her ability to finally forgive herself. She now shares her story to demonstrate to other women who have had abortions that redemption is possible through the gospel message.

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When a positive pregnancy test upends her carefree coed life, Jacqueline Marie decides to end the life of her unborn child. That abortion and the one that followed not only destroyed two lives but also wrecked Jacqueline’s soul.

Unprepared for the emotional wounds abortion inflicts, Jacqueline turns to drugs and alcohol to mask her pain, but nothing she does assuages her deep-seated guilt. When staying with relatives in Florida—intended to give her a fresh start—she hears the gospel message, and while reading the creation story and promises of God, she encounters a God who loves her despite her choices.

As she experiences God’s grace and forgiveness, Jacqueline is able to finally forgive herself. Now a doula and a voice for the unborn, she shares her story to help other women who have had abortions know that healing and redemption are possible through Jesus.

Having experienced the trauma of abortion, she lived with guilt for many years until she found forgiveness and hope in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Now she’s an advocate for both unborn children and the women who bear them. This book will break your heart in all the right ways and give you sympathy for the difficult decisions so many women face alone.

—Daniel Darling, VP of communications, Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission

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