We Get You!: 30 Days • 30 Women • 30 Stories • One God

We Get You!: 30 Days • 30 Women • 30 Stories • One God


Thirty women share thirty stories leading to hope, assurance, and faith, with all the narratives leading to our faithful God. This thirty-day devotional is a compilation presented by Athena Dean Holtz with contributions by women who attended the 2022 Christian Communicators Conference. Thirty speakers and authors share their passion to point people to Jesus through their stories, which include applications, encouragements, and response prompts. 


Embark on a thirty day journey with thirty extraordinary women, whose powerful stories and words of hope, resilience, and unwavering faith will fill your heart with divine inspiration. 

We Get You! 30 Days: 30 Women • 30 Stories • One God, is an invitation to join hands with new friends who have traversed similar trials and circumstances just like you. 

Each of the thirty soul-nourishing devotions encompasses a verse of encouragement, an intimate personal or Bible-based story, and a practical application of the truth. To further enrich your spiritual experience, four thought-provoking prompts are included for each devotion, focusing on purpose, practice, prayer, and promise. 

Come along with us, and start your day with a dose of We Get You! to breathe life, hope, peace, and encouragement into your heart and mind. Unleash the power of divine grace and let it lead you towards a deeper connection with our loving Father. 

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