Nothing Knew: Redemption Gray Series (Book 2 of 3)


In a powerful follow-up to Under the Sun, Redemption Gray quickly learns that life doesn’t automatically go according to plan, even when you’ve turned your life over to God. When an unfortunate encounter with an elk leaves Redemption stranded on the side of a country road, he accepts a ride from a mysterious motorcyclist to help him get home. But Longstoryshort is not what he seems, and his plans for Red are far from altruistic. 


Never jump on the back of a motorcycle with the devil just because you think he’s Jesus. 

Redemption Gray has traveled fifteen hundred miles from home to find happiness—he gained it, made a bold declaration of faith, and immediately found himself stranded on the side of the road next to his father’s totaled car. When Longstoryshort pulled up moments later, he seemed like an answer to a prayer Redemption hadn’t even had time to speak. 

From the back of that motorcycle, the world becomes a different place. Dependent on a stranger to help him get home, at first Redemption finds his rescuer fascinating, admirable, and wise. But as the miles pass beneath them, first impressions wear thin, and truth is hard to find. 

When Longstoryshort finally shows his true colors, will Redemption have the strength and courage to break free, or will he be trapped in a life of unrestrained evil? 

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