Moving From Disappointment to Appointment

Moving From Disappointment to Appointment


Disappointment comes in many forms and from many sources—family, friends, coworkers, employers, mentors, and even ourselvesWhen we dwell on the things that discourage us, God cannot use us. In Going from Disappointment to Appointment, author Heather Nolan encourages her readers to recognize disappointment for what it is—opposition. Turn your expectations over to God, and let Him show you the perfect, planned appointment he has for you. 

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Has your Christian life become one long series of disappointments? Are you discouraged and feeling like there’s no hope for your future? Do you wonder where on earth you can find that abundant life Jesus spoke about? If this is you, you aren’t alone, but you don’t need to stay there. 

Disappointment should not be unexpected. Tests and challenges, hurts and disillusions will arise. It’s not a question of if but whenWhat matters is how you respond to those trials.  

In Moving from Disappointment to Appointment, author Heather Nolan uses biblical illustrations as well as events from her own life to remind you that circumstances do not define who you are, they do not diminish your worth, and you should not behave as if they do. God has such a bigger plan for you than this! He created you on purpose, for a purpose. He has a specific appointment waiting just for you.  

God wants you to know—you are not disgraced but graced, not disqualified but qualified, not disapproved but approved, not disappointed but appointed! It’s time to step forward and claim your place, your abundant life in Christ. 

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