Making God Visible

Making God Visible

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Each chapter of Making God Visible brings the reader relevant information of maturing in the Kingdom of God. Tired of the nominal Christian life, Betty Alexander decided that change had to…

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Each chapter of Making God Visible brings the reader relevant information of maturing in the Kingdom of God. Tired of the nominal Christian life, Betty Alexander decided that change had to occur. God can work through us, and He will do so for everyone who desires more in the Christian walk. Betty found that those who pattern their life after Jesus have a new identity. They go wherever courage takes them. They are roused to dig deeper, love harder and live stronger. Sometimes it only takes small beginnings to start changing our life and affecting others for Jesus Christ. What does it take to be recognized in the supernatural? What is the business we are to be doing on earth? How do I start to break loose from old boundaries? Why do I need eyes to see a better country? What is relevant for my life to change and affect others? What comes with citizenship in the Kingdom of Heaven? Ordinary people become extraordinary when they know these truths. With truth, the Valiant wrestle though the events in life, pay the cost, and mature in boldness, becoming the Heroes of God doing exploits. “If you are looking for incredible Biblical applications of understanding God…God working with people, how and why. With great insight into…Life of the Word, how it speaks and reveals God to us, Making God Visible is fantastic.” -Reverend Larry Hrovat, Speaker, Evangelist & Founder, Faith of The Nations, Parker, Colorado If we are not recognized as followers of Jesus, then what is our identity? Why not learn from others who have signs and wonders following them?

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2 reviews for Making God Visible

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    EC Baumgart
    October 31, 2014 – 10:26am 5

    Betty has put her personnel relationship with God and utilized her knowledge of the power of God’s Word into this book. Each chapter challenges you to think and consider the power of Our God Jehovah. You own relationship with God will be lead into a new level of understanding and hopefully help you to find the Power each of us has through Our Father and Lord.

  2. Archive Review

    Gail Welborn
    October 31, 2014 – 10:56am 4

    In “Making God Visible” Betty Alexander quotes Acts 19:15 (NLT) where, a group of Jews, the Sons of Sceva, unsuccessfully cast an evil spirit out from a man in ” the name of Jesus who Paul preaches.” The evil spirit replied, “Jesus I know, and I know about Paul, but who are you?”

    Though the Jews knew of Jesus they didn’t really know and follow Him. Betty uses this example to ask ” what voices influence ” you and what is your influence on those around you. She argues that “…we have a responsibility to train our ears to hear how the Holy Spirit is moving to recognize what God wants done in the powerful name of Jesus” She uses this scripture as the subtitle of her book and argues the best way to learn about Jesus is to read God’s Word and remember it only takes ” small beginnings to change to affect the world for Jesus Christ.” Something she hopes will challenge readers to “live a full life for Christ “Betty tells of her journey of faith within these pages that reflect her ” view of living in the Kingdom of God.” She encourages readers to stop living a “nominal Christian lifestyle” in their pursuit of Heaven; to rekindle intimacy and ” stoke the fires of faith within…”

    Her simple suggestions and practical applications are easy to implement. She uses personal examples and stories demonstrate how God continues to use people today, to perform “signs and wonders,” to take care of God’s business. Then emphasizes the scriptural journey begins with reading and knowing Scripture that ” teaches God’s truth “Seventeen chapters cover topics such as spiritual warfare, how Christians are recognized, fasting, prayer and more.
    Chapters end with three summary questions to reflect on which she hopes will motivate, inspire and encourage readers to mature in their Christian walk and their love for Jesus.

    Reverend Larry Hrovat, Faith of the Nations, endorsed her book and wrote if anyone is ” looking for incredible Biblical applications of understanding God ” read this book.’Making God Visible’, by Betty Alexander, Redemption Press, 2014.

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