Love Believes All Things: Trust God’s Will


Love Believes All Things is the testament of a layman who has spent a lifetime of “freelancing with the Lord,” putting faith and God’s love into action in his personal soul-winning outreach. With teaching on love, faith, grace, and service, Hester’s stories of changed lives will encourage believers to share God’s love with others.

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What does love have to do with faith?

“I’m just guided by God’s grace” is the way Kyle Hester describes his life and ministry of “freelancing with the Lord.” Burned out from using drugs, Hester was saved in a halfway house during the hippie era after experiencing God’s love from Christians. He has made a career of passing on that love along with faith.

Love Believes All Things is the testament of a layman who has spent nearly five decades (1972–2020) putting faith and love into action. Believing the world craves love, he advises spending time with unbelievers. He shares Spirit-led encounters, where he puts himself in places where he can make connections and friends.

Out of a lifetime of reading and teaching God’s Word, Hester shares on love, faith, forgiveness, grace, wrath, service, repentance, hope, prayer, God’s sovereignty, man’s will, sanctification, and holiness. But most of all, he gives examples of how the love of God has touched and changed lives through love with faith.

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