Lasting Change: Overcoming the Grip of Anxiety, Depression, & Trauma with “User-Friendly” Neuroscience

Lasting Change: Overcoming the Grip of Anxiety, Depression, & Trauma with “User-Friendly” Neuroscience


In her work as a traveling psycho-educator, Hannah Smith has had the privilege of teaching neuroscience-informed treatments of anxiety and other mental health disorders to therapists around the country. This book is a result of many requests to put her information-packed classes on paper. In this volume, the reader will learn pertinent, cutting-edge neuroscience in a down-to-earth and engaging manner along with practical, whole-person applications.


You are not your brain!

For those who have ever endured the tyranny of out-of-control emotions, intrusiveness of unwanted thoughts and images, unrelenting symptoms of PTSD, and pressures of unrealistic societal expectations, this is fabulous news. It means that modern neuroscience has shown what many of us have known innately for millennia—we are majestic, wonderfully wired creatures who have more control over ourselves than we may have thought.

Mental health disorders and the effects of trauma are real and legitimate issues that affect millions of people all over the world. Not only do the courageous individuals with mental illness battle overwhelming symptoms, but the stigma and shame they endure only exacerbate an already complicated problem. Understanding the issue from a whole-person perspective can be a game changer.

Lasing Change; Overcoming the Grip of Anxiety, Depression & Trauma with User-Friendly Neuroscience is the result of over twenty years of research as well as the personal insights of one clinician who has made the painful journey from hopelessness to wholeness. This book presents a practical, down-to-earth approach to understanding and managing the mind, body, spirit, and social connections that so greatly affect our well-being.

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