J is for Journey to Joy: An Alphabetical Path to Authenticity

J is for Journey to Joy: An Alphabetical Path to Authenticity


Moms, though you may often feel discouraged and like you’re a failure, take heart—you are more than your feelings, and you are not alone. Though your journey is filled with trials and hardships, you’ll also scale heights of joy—take it from Dana Meier, a mom of five who’s experienced all this and more and learned a few things about being her most authentic self along the way. Join Dana as she takes the reader on an alphabetical journey of always learning, through the lens of God’s Word, lessons learned, poems and acrostics, prayers, and reflection journaling, designed to draw moms—and any woman seeking validity—closer to their Savior and their real selves.





A mom’s journey to joy isn’t always filled with smiles, sunshine, and roses—you’re guaranteed to encounter hardships, trials, and discouragement along the parenting path. Though you may sometimes feel disconnected from those you love and even life itself, you’re not alone. Dana Meier, a mom of five, has walked in shoes that have led to great personal hurts as well as heights of bliss. Through it all, she discovered that the One who values her above all calls her to be her most genuine self—and He’s calling you to the same authenticity.

In Dana’s sassy yet real devotional J Is for Journey to Joy, you’ll discover that

  • it’s okay to ask for help—you are not a failure because you need help;
  • you can cultivate the best version of yourself;
  • emotions, including anger, are not bad—and you are more than what you feel;
  • connections happen when you engage with others’ feelings, thoughts, and actions and when you invite God into your plans;
  • intentionally setting priorities helps keep you aware of your strengths and blind spots.


Dana’s alphabetical journey of always learning is shared through the lens of God’s Word, lessons learned, original poems and acrostics, thoughtful prayers, and reflection journaling, designed to draw the reader closer to her Savior and her authentic self. Though intended for moms, any woman seeking validity will gain valuable insights.

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