Intervention: The Second Book of the Steward Series

Intervention: The Second Book of the Steward Series


The intervention of a quadriplegic saved Nguyen Huu Mihn from a mugging on the streets of Baltimore while attending John Hopkins University. That man’s faith changed Mihn’s life.

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Mihn’s new faith brought him into conflict with his father’s business interests in Vietnam and the mysterious powers supporting his father. Estranged from his father and shunned by his family, Mihn learns to support himself by working as a translator for Americans coming to Vietnam during the waning years of the war.

Finally, with the fall of Vietnam, another man’s intervention provides Mihn with what he needs to flee the doomed country. Witha boat, a crew and a group of passengers, including a young French nun, Sister Carlene, and the forty oprhans she has charge of, Mihn starts his escape to Thailand.

But Mihn learns that there are some enemies that cannot be fled from; instead, these adversaries must be faced and resisted. He discovers that he is in the middle of a war, not with flesh and blood, but with spiritual powers bent on destroying him and all those seeking escape.

Mihn discovers what intervention is when he must risk everything to save those he loves. In the process, he experiences the reality of the spiritual war that rages unseen by most.

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