Horse Creek Trading Post

Horse Creek Trading Post

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A family saga and inspirational western story highlights God’s activity and man’s partnership with Him.

This prequel to Miracle at Caller’s Spring Ranch and Return to Caller’s…

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A family saga and inspirational western story highlights God’s activity and man’s partnership with Him.

This prequel to Miracle at Caller’s Spring Ranch and Return to Caller’s Spring Ranch, tells the story of generations of the Reese family, Quakers who came to America to live out their destiny and be examples of God’s love.

Mike and Aileen Reese sailed from Wales to America to begin a homestead in east Tennessee. Jed, their son, and his wife Sadie, go west, along with other family members, to settle on the Wyoming frontier where they started a trading post. Son Gus Reese was born at Horse Creek and becomes a legend of the Great Plains as a famous Pony Express rider at age fifteen. He brokered peace among soldiers during the civil war, and between the Indians of the Plains and the U. S. government.

The trading post at Horse Creek becomes more than a place where supplies are bought and services rendered, it becomes an outpost of heaven as lives are impacted for God.

This book for all ages is a powerful story of overcoming adversity, leaving a legacy, and discovering God’s plan for you in the place where you live.

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5 reviews for Horse Creek Trading Post

  1. Archive Review

    Mindy Dunagin
    October 5, 2017 – 6:12am 5
    This is truly a wonderful book. It holds your attention from cover to cover! I highly recommend this to anyone!

  2. Archive Review

    Karen Wingfield
    October 13, 2017 – 12:07pm 5

    This book is a wonderful prequel in this series. It gives a generational background that sends you back in time. The reader is able to see how God works in the lives of this family. This is a story of love, devotion, determination, and unwavering faith. It inspires the reader to want to strive to build a legacy, just like the family in the story. It is an uplifting story of how a family continues to stand firm, generation after generation! I highly recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of western drama and solid values!

  3. Archive Review

    October 15, 2017 – 5:12pm 5

    I just finished reading Horse Creek Trading Post, a Christian fiction novel by Jim Burnett. It is a chronicling of the family line of one Gus Reese, a legendary pony-express rider, horseman, cattleman, and evangelist. The story begins in Wales, weaves through Tennessee, and lands in Wyoming. Five generations are mentioned; but, the story focuses on the two prior to Gus’s before telling Gus’s story itself. It is an ideal read for any age. It is full of travel & adventure, romance, and bravado. It is unlike any other Christian novel I’ve read to date in that it reads like a novel; but, it could be read as a devotional since each chapter is full of stories shadowing scripture. the author specifically mentions Biblical characters and their stories, and scripture passages are referenced throughout. the author skillfully demonstrates God’s involvement in the lives of the Reese family as they remain faithful to His calling in their lives. I am not a fan of western novels, per se; but, I did enjoy learning about many aspects of the frontier lifestyle portrayed in the book.

    There are many facts and details surrounding naval voyages, trail rides, different horse varieties and their roles in the frontier life, driving cattle trains, the civil war, the pony express, the role of various Native American tribes and their relationship to the white man in the frontier days, and law & justice in that same setting. Overall, this is a novel I would recommend to any age. At a little over 220 pages, I would think it would be especially a good book report novel for junior high or high school students as it is so full of history. Anyone who enjoys stories about the west, horses, cattle driving, the civil war, or reconciliation and redemption, would love this novel. Another important point about this novel is that this book is a prequel! There are TWO previous books so, I can pick up the next two books and finish the Reese storyline! This would be a great gift idea for any age or gender. I whole-heartedly recommend it.

  4. Archive Review

    Marlene Idom
    October 17, 2017 – 12:16pm 5

    Horse Creek Trading Post is a victorious ride chronicling the Reese family who dared to trust and believe God while facing great adversity. What a powerful read demonstrating the sovereign hand of God throughout the generations of Mike & Aileen Reese from Wales to America.

    Horse lovers will absolutely love this western saga filled with historical information throughout. The Providential hand of God is traced throughout this whirlwind of adventure as the Reese family follows God’s voice into their glorious destiny. It is an inspirational story of what happens when one family decides to follow God, take a leap of faith, and blaze new trails that will impact those to come. It will have you crying one minute while reading the letter of a hardened murderer in one chapter, and laughing in other chapters at the nuances of a love stricken man. I highly recommend this uplifting book for all ages!

  5. Archive Review

    James Scott
    October 24, 2017 – 1:28pm 5

    I absolutely love the way that the author can put so many emotions into a book. In this western drama, you will find love, war, violence, peace, and forgiveness. In the ways of the old west, find out what life was like 200 years ago; the struggles, the reality, the foreshadowing and what really matters. If you enjoy fictional western, this book is calling out to you. The author will hold your attention through this book in a way that you won’t want to put it down.

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