Her Memory of Music

Her Memory of Music

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Life has taught Ally Brennan to stay on her guard, even in quiet Langley-by-the-Sea. A resourceful single mom, she’s content to play her beloved viola for an audience of one, fiercely protective…

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Life has taught Ally Brennan to stay on her guard even in quiet Langley-by-the-Sea. A resourceful single mom, she’s content to play her beloved viola for an audience of one, fiercely protective of the stable life she’s created for her young son. She gives no hint of secret fears, a musical career abandoned, or the man she once loved who shadows their happiness.

When a burglary threatens Ally’s peaceful existence, it thrusts her into an unlikely friendship with her neighbor Rees Davies. As their families’ lives entwine, Ally and Rees resist the attraction between them, believing a future together could not possibly work.

Then a terrible accident draws her back to the hometown she fled, forcing confrontations with those left behind. If she hopes to reclaim the life she dreams of, Ally must make peace with what she’s sacrificed and entrust dangerous secrets to those she’s come to love.

Lyrical and layered, Her Memory of Music explores the burden of love and the high stakes of vulnerability.

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8 reviews for Her Memory of Music

  1. Archive Review

    Paula Hemphill
    June 12, 2017 – 11:53am 5

    I couldn’t put this book down. It’s honest and raw and so hopeful. Katherine Scott Jones writes with compassionate Authority about very difficult real-life issues facing the world today. The book was brilliant and fun and a beautiful journey– as all good stories are. 10/10 highly recommend. Once you start you won’t want to stop.

  2. Archive Review

    Anne Hicks
    July 17, 2017 – 4:45pm 5

    Mystery, intrigue, suspense, romance – this book has it all! It captured my attention from the first few pages and held it to the end. Many layers intertwine, and hard issues are addressed in a compelling and satisfying way. You don’t want to miss reading this book.

  3. Archive Review

    Brandy Heineman
    July 20, 2017 – 11:34am 5

    Slipping into the Pacific northwestern world of Katherine Scott Jones’ debut novel was effortless. From their first moments on the page, Ally and her son Jack begin to breathe and live, and they lose no time trading the normal trials of a single-parent family for something much more sinister.I hesitate to echo what others have already said, that Her Memory of Music grapples with tough issues, but only because this is a story about characters, not issues. Owing to theAuthor’s deft hand, the story moves at a nimble pace, with the just-right mix of suspense, romance, and emotional complexity. The spiritual element is strong–this is not the kind of Christian fiction that makes a passing reference to prayer and calls it a day. Jones writes characters who remain tender to their need for Jesus, who talk to and about God, and who struggle to make Spirit-led decisions.Bottom line: Her Memory of Music is a great story, full of authentic relationships and beautiful writing. Highly recommended for fans of Lisa Wingate, Sarah Loudin Thomas, and Elizabeth Musser.

  4. Archive Review

    Kim Galgano
    September 23, 2017 – 11:50am 4

    Unlike my non-fiction propensity, this fiction is the perfect combination of mystery, romance, and sensitive intricacies over difficult, real-life issues. Where my writing might require a journal and the difficult task of goal setting (which, let’s face it, feels tiring), Her Memory of Music propels you toward a cozy blanket on a slow-paced afternoon (because you won’t want to put the book down). Having said that, what Her Memory of Music, and The Chance to Choose have in common is our universal struggle toward Spirit-led decision making.Katherine Scott Jones has so skillfully developed characters who remind each of us that our conversation with God about our struggle with choice is paramount to our destined future. But this is not your typical Christian fiction which habitually over-simplifies life decisions. She deftly crafts the tension, labor, and complexity behind human story.Three hundred and forty-one thrilling pages into Her Memory with Music, main character Rees asks, “What choice do I have? Her mind is made up, and I’m leaving for Mumbai in the morning.” This sentence encapsulates the book for me. Jones does not shy away from desperate doubt, and impossibility on the complex subject of choice, especially within the context of relationship, yet on the final page I am fueled by that eternal hope I cling to in the moments I choose to remember that God holds the ultimate plan and his promises are sure.

  5. Archive Review

    Kirsetin Morello
    September 24, 2017 – 7:09pm

    Her Memory of Music is a beautifully written, compelling story that drew me in from the start. With unexpected plot twists, a bit of mystery, a beautiful love story, and a solid undergirding of faith, Her Memory of Music kept me turning pages late into the night. I highly recommend it!

  6. Emma Cunningham

    From the very first chapter, Katherine Scott Jones gripped my attention with her lyrical writing and soft tone. Being the first book I got to read for fun in a long time, I was captivated by the storyline. My eyes felt glued to the page every time I picked it up! I found myself connected to the characters, gasping as the plot line thickened, and smiling as I witnessed relationships form and deepen, step by step. I loved reading this book, a majority of it read on the plane to and from home (which made the time fly by!). I have read both of Jones’ books and would definitely read whatever she writes next; it is just too easy to get lost in her words!

  7. Denise Gann

    Her Memory of Music is a beautifully written, compelling story that drew me in from the start. Loved loved this book!!

  8. Kathleen Nass

    Memory of Music is an easy read with detailed character development that puts the reader right into the story. There is mystery, suspense and the unusual juxtaposition of lifestyles taking place stateside versus across the globe in Mumbai, India. The characters’ differences and passions surprisingly find common ground through music, faith and love. Each chapter easily forces the reader on to the “rest of the story.”

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