Head Trauma Hero

Head Trauma Hero


After suffering a traumatic brain injury in a vehicle collision, young Patti must learn how to navigate life as Head Trauma Hero! Through her battles with “word-scramble brain” and her quest through the treacherous “treat toss-up,” Head Trauma Hero shows that with faith and the help of family and friends, no mission is impossible. The Adventures of Head Trauma Hero helps readers come alongside loved ones with a traumatic brain injury and helps them with tools for conversation and compassion. 


 Patti is an average all-American girl who does average all-American things—until one fateful day when a traumatic brain injury transforms her into Head Trauma Hero. Patti spends months in the hospital and rehab, relearning how to speak and walk. She also discovers her new identity and the special “superpowers” that come with it. 

As Head Trauma Hero navigates the challenges of her new normal, she gains strength and encouragement from her family and friends. From the challenges of “word-scramble brain” to the treacherous “treat toss-up,” Patti shows the determination and resilience of a hero. And even when Mission Chicken Care threatens to thwart our hero, she is able to power through and save the day for her feathered friends. 

The Adventures of Head Trauma Hero showcases the trials and victories unique to those who have been affected by traumatic brain injuries. Author Patti Foster, whose true story inspired this book, shares hope for other head trauma heroes in this poignant storybook. 

The Adventures of Head Trauma Hero will help readers learn how to come alongside someone with a traumatic brain injury and will provide tools for conversation and compassion. In addition, this superhero-themed storybook will help those dealing with their own transformation through traumatic brain injury. The Adventure Guide at the end of each chapter provides helpful tips and questions that invite meaningful conversations. The Adventures of Head Trauma Hero is a great resource for parents, educators, and healthcare workers.

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