Good and Faithful Servant: A Trumpet Call to Return to Spiritual Leadership


In biblical times, the prophet Elisha declared a dearth in the land. In today’s era, modern thinking has infiltrated the church’s spiritual fibers, creating an alarming dearth of effective godly leaders. Wes Daughenbaugh’s Good and Faithful Servant teaches leaders key foundational building blocks to help grow them into mature spiritual leaders—anointed, virtuous, faith filed, fruitful, highly motivated—who have influence with God and with mankind.


Wes Daughenbaugh has a proven, trusted voice, and the modern church needs to listen. Get ready to rethink how we train church leaders!

—Tim Enloe

Author, founder of Holy Spirit Conferences



The greatest need in the body of Christ today is for spiritual leadership training, and the first law of spiritual leadership is that you are not the leader—the Holy Spirit is! If you follow him, you will lead many to righteousness.


Veteran pastor Wes Daughenbaugh, a Christian leader for nearly fifty years and author of five books, presents a wealth of spiritual wisdom designed to help Christian leaders develop skills for true godly leadership.


Key topics:


  • The differences between secularized leadership and spiritual leadership.
  • How to avoid using people to obtain a secularized vision and instead have God’s vision for the individuals you are leading.
  • How to have influence with God (power in prayer).
  • The importance of spiritual warnings.
  • Seven ways to live in Christlike character virtues.
  • Over sixty professional drawings to help you “see” spiritual truths.


If you long for intimacy with God and want your life to glorify Jesus, you’ll find Good and Faithful Servant to be a comprehensive, timely resource to help you be a Spirit-led servant of Jesus Christ and his church.


Wes is filled with nuggets of revelation and truth—simply taught but profound in content.

—Dr. Karen Moran

Founder of Light Club Ministries International

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