God Had A Hand On Me: A Memoir About Pain, Healing, and Victory

God Had A Hand On Me: A Memoir About Pain, Healing, and Victory


Kim Dotson was a little girl born to a white mother and a Native American father and raised by her father in the Native culture in Montana after her parents’ divorce. A rebellious teen, she began to go down a hard road, drinking and partying, and by sixteen she was pregnant and married. But God had his hand on the twists and turns of her life, even when she didn’t recognize it. This redemptive memoir shows how God used her bad choices, brokenness, and pain to bring her into a relationship with Him and into her full potential in a productive life of helping others.


Have you ever wondered, Why me? 

I have. When I was a teenager, I looked for freedom, no matter the cost. I wanted things my way, and I broke all the rules. I left home, left school, and jumped on a runaway train headed for failure. Many of my choices resulted in devastation.  

But God … 

I was wounded, but God healed me. 

I failed everyone around me, but God redeemed me. 

I was bathed in guilt, but God forgave me. 

I was abandoned, but God never took His hand off me. 

And when I needed hope, God saved me. 

 Life is hard, and people let you down, but there is a God in heaven who knows your pain, and He wastes nothing. What the enemy means for harm God will use for His glory. 


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