Desperately Mobile

Desperately Mobile


Though Brennan Koenig hangs out with a big-time scientist whose intelligent search engine, BrainTrust, could revive the economy after COVID-19, he’d  rather chat with his ex-girlfriends and tweak his 1970 GTO convertible than do just about anything else. But when he finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time and is wounded during an attack on the scientist, Brennan and his GTO engage in a desperate race against the clock to take out BrainTrust’s servers before a mysterious group, the Ploughmen, can infiltrate them for their own purposes. Whether this group was also in the wrong place at the wrong time, or if they were firmly planted there, in book 1 of The Ploughmen Series, the stakes are high—and they only go up from there.

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Though Brennan Koenig does menial work for the scientist who coded BrainTrust—an intelligent search engine that will bring the post-COVID economy back—he never signed up to be a bodyguard. He’s just a guy who’d rather tweak his 1970 GTO convertible and carve out his identity and worth in his community of ex-girlfriends. But when Brennan is wounded during an attack on the scientist, he is forever changed, and he comes out swinging. He is now on an accidental mission, with a professional soldier, bent on stopping the Ploughmen, a mysterious group linked to Thomas Jefferson, the Chinese, BLM, terror, and a tax revolt. In the wee hours, Brennan and his soldier companion must decide if the Ploughmen are friends seeking a new dialogue, a cover-up for the crimes of others, or foes determined to rape the world by hacking  its most valuable information.

As the violence escalates to other friends of BrainTrust, including Brennan’s exes and the only people he can trust, he takes his beloved GTO into a race against confusion, time, and fuel consumption in a desperate attempt to take out the BrainTrust servers before the Ploughmen can infiltrate them. Which means Brennan must endure mind games, guns, body armor, and high-speed car battles. This bizarre potion forces Brennan into a dangerous dance with a dark inner-Viking part of his mind that seems to promise deliverance from the present—but harbingers terror in the future.

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