Design By Satan: The Middle East Conflict through the Eyes of a Christian Arab

Design By Satan: The Middle East Conflict through the Eyes of a Christian Arab

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Have you ever considered the possibility that you can change the world simply by changing your view of it? Walaa Magharious grew up in Egypt fearing bombs and believing Israel didn’t exist. Then in the 1970s, he immigrated to America with his family. In school he met Zava, who had also immigrated with her family—from Israel. This surprising discovery sent him on a decades-long journey to uncover the truth about the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Semi-autobiographical, Design by Satan explores different viewpoints; uncovers lies, assumptions, and truths; and debunks five myths about what it’s really like in the Middle East.


Contrary to popular schools of thought and ideologies about Middle East conflicts, Jews and Muslims have not been at war with each other for thousands of years—so says author Walaa Magharious, a native Egyptian now living in the US. His personal experience and research reveals they have only been at war for the past seventy years. Furthermore, he suggests that Israel-Palestine is not actually the “Holy Land.”

A Christian Arab, Magharious debunks five myths about the so-called truth behind the decades-long war between the Jewish nation-state and Palestine, and asks some tough questions:

  • Have you ever considered the possibility that you can love Palestinians just as much as you love Israelis?
  • Have you ever considered the possibility that you can support both Israel and Palestine?
  • Have you ever considered the possibility that what is happening in the Middle East today may not be what God has in mind for us?

For readers who tend to take sides in the conflict between Israel and Palestine, Magharious’s direct and insightful approach asks them to consider a different viewpoint and that what they’ve been taught as biblical about these issues might be a twisted story concocted by the Enemy.

Original, logical, and thought provoking, Design by Satan  is designed to influence and change the world because the Enemy wants to keep us from creating and living in peace with ourselves and around the world.

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2 reviews for Design By Satan: The Middle East Conflict through the Eyes of a Christian Arab

  1. Becky

    This book brings to light the difference in what we hear reported and what is truly happening in the Middle East! It is a new train of thought about an old subject! This book speaks peace and not war! Loved this book!

  2. Anonymous

    This is a fantastic book that seemlessly combines historical facts with personal anecdotes making it both informative and interesting. I’m not a history buff and I often get bored reading about history not getting the ‘so what?’ but I couldn’t put this book down. It’s a must read for everyone no matter your level of historical knowledge, religious Creed, or current opinion. The book shares a unique perspective that will challenge you to reassess the conflict in the Middle East and really the world around you.

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