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Copy Editing


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All books published by Redemption Press will be copy edited by an editor not involved in the project’s content coaching or line edit.

Your copy editor will correct errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar, syntax, style, and usage,  consistency, and clarity. Through this service, your copy editor will:

  • Correct typos and errors in spelling and punctuation
  • Conduct a Scripture check and remind author to double check accuracy of quotes and sources before signing off on the manuscript
  • Correct modifier usage and placement
  • Check subject and verb agreement
  • Verify capitalization of proper nouns and adjectives
  • Verify abbreviations
  • Check for spelling, typographical errors, misplaced commas, correcting sentence structure, word usage, punctuation, and syntax
  • Review agreement in tenses
  • Look up any word they’re not positive about, especially compound words
  • Look for proper notation of permissions-granted materials
  • Know proper paragraph indents (.25, not .5) and block quotations (should be .5 indents on both sides, 1-point size smaller)
  • Check any footnotes/endnotes carefully for consistency and correct style per Chicago Manual of Style
  • This includes the editor reviewing all tracked changes post copy edit

The fee for this service is based on the word count. .006 per word.


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