Beyond Suffering: Ten Women Who Overcame

Beyond Suffering: Ten Women Who Overcame


Stories from the lives of ten women who overcame great challenges and suffering in their relationships, and societies yet persevered and endured through their faith in Christ, will inspire and bring comfort. The lives of these women—well-known historical and contemporary individuals—model redemptive suffering and will help others face their own difficulties.


Beyond Suffering : Ten Women Who Overcame

Inspiration for Hard Times from the Lives of Ten Women

Be uplifted and encouraged by the stories of ten women—some from the pages of history and some contemporary women—who overcame the great challenges they experienced in their families, marriages, relationships, or societies. We can find encouragement in the lives of those who understand suffering and have experienced upheaval yet persevered and endured through their faith in Christ.

Learn from the lives of Suzanna Wesley, the mother of John Wesley, who raised her children to make a difference; St. Augustine’s mother, Monica, who had a troubled marriage and a wayward son; and Hannah Whitehall Smith, whose writings inspired generations but who had an unfaithful husband.

Adrienne Lafayette helped secure her husband’s release during the French Revolution, and Madame Guyon was imprisoned for her faith. Contemporary women featured are Marsha Kay Robertson, the matriarch of the Robertson clan; Sonya Carson, the mother of Ben Carson; Sabina Wurmbrand, who was tortured for Christ; Barbara Johnson, who brought others joy while enduring heartbreak; and Elisabeth Elliot, who experienced great personal tragedies.

Discover how suffering can be redemptive in the midst of the difficulties of life through the lives of the author and ten women who overcame.

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