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Herein lies an adventure woven in science and magic. The science is other worldly, and the magic? Some of it is effortless and some beyond the limits of time. Beon stares past the icy Ridge of Giants to the stars beyond. The power of the Ancients is within her grasp, but her visions have disappeared and left her confused. How then to finally escape the Changelings, and the one Enemy King who suspects her secret? The island’s mountains have hidden most of the nomadic tribes, along with the Faery-Whites, the Web-Weavers, the giants and the dragons’ children. Yet what of the darker forces: the power of the Whisperer, the wizard in the dungeon and Destroyer with his race of flying daemons? The Red Seers are working hard to invoke peace with their steel drums. While down at the seashore, the soldiers are fighting wolves with arrows and swords since their king has banished all magic; becoming more intrigued with the Techno-Orbs hidden in Star Capital, an ancient kingdom near perfection, encased in an unfathomable science designed to protect it. Ten Enemy Kings… ten kingdoms… and ten islands that might possibly disappear.

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I've been around Christian publishing since 1987 when I helped our ministry self-publish an important resource for Vietnam veterans and their families. That book went on to be picked up by a royalty publisher and has since sold over 250,000 copies with a million in print.

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