Becoming Revolutionary

Becoming Revolutionary



Revolution can happen in the most unexpected of places—where darkness and dysfunction live, hope still remains.

Eve originally had a life of perfection in the garden of Eden. Tempted by Satan to doubt God’s plan, she gave in to sin, marking a drastic turn for her life and for the rest of humanity. Yet God did not define Eve by her sin. Neither does He define you by your sin.

We can see ourselves through Eve’s story. Like Eve, we doubt God’s plans. We reach for things that, ultimately, leave us unfulfilled. We try to take control of our lives and become our own god. Thankfully, Eve’s life did not end with her decision to eat the forbidden fruit or with her ensuing shame, guilt, and hiding from God. She persevered through her pain to experience God’s unconditional love and mercy, which left her praising God while becoming the mother of future generations. She became revolutionary.

Becoming Revolutionary will help you identify and process your own sin and dysfunction and help you experience revolution. Through the lens of Eve, this book will lead you through purposeful self-reflection and guide you through stepping out of the darkness into Christ’s perfect love, which covers sin and shame and casts out all fear.

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