Awake: A Fresh End-Times Perspective

Awake: A Fresh End-Times Perspective


Awake addresses the missing pieces of end-times prophecy, and ultimately challenges present-day teachings and well-known ancient and traditional beliefs. If you’ve ever wondered when the Lord will return and how, this book provides understanding, as it takes an in-depth look toward the heart of God, revealing just how much He loves you and wants you to be fully prepared for His return in the second coming of Christ.


With the current wars and rumors of wars, and a recent global pandemic, many Christians live in uncertainty wondering if Christ’s return could be soon. Jesus told his followers to watch, but do we understand everything this generation should be watching for? After all, all generations have experienced the wars, famines, and earthquakes spoken of in Matthew 24. Is there more hidden in scriptures which the End-Times generation should be specifically watching for? 


Awake addresses the missing pieces of end-times prophecy, which ultimately challenges today’s teachings of ancient traditional beliefs. Daniel was told to seal up words of his visions, as they would not be understood until the time of the end. He was also told, seventy weeks are decreed for his people (Israelites) and his Holy City (Jerusalem). Therefore, Daniel’s 70th week pertains specifically to Israel, not the world and its inhabitants. Could our traditional perceptions regarding the books of Revelation and Daniel be amiss? 


Using a scripture-based view, Awake explores the end-times paradigm addressing foundational errors and assumptions which have misdirected the church’s traditional belief system. It presents a more specific view of what Christ wants his End-Times bride to be watching for.  


This book contains God’s loving message to the Ten Virgins—AWAKE my return is imminent. 

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