A House With Holes: One Marriage Journey in a Charleston Renovation


Seasoned renovators and empty nesters Greg and Denise Broadwater dream of owning and restoring a historic home in downtown Charleston, South Carolina. What follows are challenges and successes Denise never imagined … including the effects that the renovation of their dilapidated 1920s Charleston Cottage would have on their marriage. The Broadwaters must strengthen not only their home but their relationship in the midst of struggles in order to thrive. Principles and questions about marriage from a therapist’s perspective complement each chapter for readers’ reflection of their own relationships. 


Reading this book feels like binging on a Netflix series because you have to see what happens next. You are invited to have a front-row seat to view what it took to create an amazing marriage while undertaking an almost impossible renovation.

—Dr. Larry Wagner, PhD, Professor of Counseling,
Columbia International University, Columbia, South Carolina

Seasoned renovators Greg and Denise Broadwater dream of owning and restoring a historic home in downtown Charleston, South Carolina. What follows are six years of unimaginable challenges and successes concerning the renovation of their condemned 1920s Charleston Cottage, their place in a transitional neighborhood on Congress Street, and their thirty-year marriage.

In a community that struggles to feel like home, alongside normal stressors of full-time work and family weddings, the heightened tension taxes the Broadwaters to the brink. Nothing is left untouched in their hundred-year-old cottage full of architectural and historical details, from the rotted floorboards to the hole in the roof and the knob-and-tube wiring that causes a fire. But through Denise’s fascinating memoir, A House With Holes, the Christian author and therapist shares how she and her craftsman-architect husband strengthened the holes in both their home and their relationship during this wearying time in order to survive and thrive.

Using Denise’s counseling experience, marriage principles have been woven seamlessly into the text, demonstrating ways to maintain relationships in the midst of struggles. Reflective questions close each chapter so that readers may ponder their own relationships with growth and understanding.

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