Walking With Jesus on the Natchez Trace: A Common Man’s Encounter With God

Walking With Jesus on the Natchez Trace: A Common Man’s Encounter With God



A thirty-five day walk down the 444 miles of Mississippi’s historic Natchez Trace to benefit a homeless ministry becomes a journey of spiritual renewal as a businessman traces his dysfunctional family history and ponders his life choicesHis reflections will inspire others to obey God and reach for their own difficult goals. 

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When God spoke to Troy Waugh saying, “I want you to walk the Natchez Trace,” he obeyed. 

Never mind that he wasn’t young anymore—he would be seventy at the completion of the 444 mile walk. Never mind that the thirty-fiveday walk would be far above his physical capabilities and experience. Never mind that this was Mississippi—in the summer. 

Taking the challenge, Waugh uses the time to slow down and reflect on his life—his upbringing, his relationships, his struggles with workaholism—and to raise awareness for a homeless ministry. More than a travelogue, this is a journey into the soul of a man learning to walk with the Lord daily. His reflections will inspire others to reach for and accomplish their own difficult goals. 

I believe my walk on the Natchez Trace was God’s method of shaking me loose from the regrets of my past and firming up my spiritual belief system so I could walk into the future closer to Jesus.  

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