Tara Johnson

After special-education teacher Tara Smith Johnson was diagnosed with dysautonomia, an autoimmune disorder, she put the books away and became an advocate for people who experience chronic illnesses. She founded Hope for Team Tara, an organization that raises money for dysautonomia awareness through Dinner and Dancing for Dysautonomia. Tara has a daughter and lives in Memphis, Tennessee, with her service dog, Trixie, who has medic alert superpowers and travels everywhere with Tara. Visit www.hope4teamtara.org and connect with her on social media.


Having walked with Tara through much of her dysautonomia journey, co-writer Dr. Gary L. Murray, MD, F.A.C.C., F.I.C.A., F.A.S.N.C., extended gracious but professional educational insight for dealing with dysautonomia issues. The late Dr. Murray had interpreted over 37,000 nuclear cardiology studies and had written for numerous medical journals. He lived with his wife in Tennessee, and they have five children.

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