Helen Hunter

Helen Hunter is a dynamic and inspirational speaker, radio personality and author of historical fiction books. The Number One comment people make about her books is:
€œI couldn’t put it down!€
The eldest child of Czech refugees who fled Communism to the British Isles, Helen was educated in universities in Scotland, Belgium, Mexico and the United States. She is fluent in several languages and has a degree as an international interpreter and translator. She has traveled extensively in over 100 countries around the world, interviewing people from all walks of life, from tribesmen in Africa to business leaders in China. As an international communicator €“ a teacher in Africa, an interpreter in Europe, a radio reporter in Asia, a conference speaker in Latin America and a motivational speaker in the United States – Helen has a unique global perspective. She brings her cultural insights and profound understanding of people into her fascinating and inspirational books and speeches, and makes the places she writes about come to life. You feel you are right there with her – hunting with the Pygmies, living in a native village in Mexico, eating off a banana leaf with an Indian Sikh in Kuala Lumpur, standing on a street corner in Jerusalem. Her life of extraordinary adventure and opportunity has provided Helen with exciting material from exotic places to use in her books and speeches. At the same time, as a refugee, she has had her fair share of tough times with the loss of relationships, physical and emotional health, property and finances.
On a deeper level, it has been in the times of struggle that she gained compassion for others, insight into healing and recovery, and the ability to use each breakdown as an opportunity for a breakthrough to a higher level. For over forty years, Helen has been a diligent student of the Bible. She attended seminary and graduate school of theology. She has studied Biblical Hebrew and Greek and has read the Bible through from cover to cover in English, French and Spanish.
Helen is also a successful businesswoman. Her life’s purpose has been to empower others to create a new future for themselves and move powerfully and effectively in the direction of their dreams. She owns her own consulting and management firm, which she has led for over twenty years. Her focus has been on dental practice management, sales and marketing, small business productivity and real estate management. Helen has been invited to speak in Latin America, Asia, Africa, Europe, and the United States. She has an extraordinary grasp of the cultural and economic dynamics of our changing world and speaks with insight, conviction and charm.
For more information on Helen, visit www.yourletterfromheaven.com.

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