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How Christian Parents Can Help Their Children Understand the Perspective of Being The Boss

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Written by Vicky Wedel, author of The Messy Narrow Road: A Fellow Traveler’s Tips and Encouragement and Being the Boss.

Being a boss isn’t as easy and thrilling as one may think for this role comes with challenges and responsibilities. Everyone has a Boss, even those in authority, and His name is Jesus.

When I became a mom, I began to understand my authority, and how my children accept it is pivotal on how well a home functions. Even if one person in the home has a bad attitude, life becomes hard. Whereas a positive attitude will make even a hard environment more enjoyable.  

I didn’t grow up knowing God’s Only Son, Jesus. It wasn’t until I was 20 that God opened my heart to understand I’m a sinner, desperately in need of Jesus to save me. I knew very little about the Bible, my sin, and the LORD when I was saved but I soon discovered He’s the highest authority. Jesus is my boss!

Over the years God has graciously taught me more and more of Himself. Yet it took years of painful trials before I was willing to look at myself and how my own attitude increased the strife in our home.

Looking back, I have discovered my truth was skewed and I have found freedom seeking God’s truth.

I thought I knew how I needed to be loved by my husband only to find my way would have grown my pride.

I thought obedience was good behavior only to find it’s a heart attitude fueled by love and gratitude for the LORD.

• I thought sanctification (growing to be more like Jesus) was primarily my job (having been given the Holy Spirit when saved) only to find my part is surrendering over my will to His, over and over again.

I thought I could shape my children’s hearts with God’s Word and direction only to find God alone has the power to shape a heart (including mine).

Control was a thorn in my side as I sought to rule situations and people even when they are not under my authority. This caused me to stew over a lot of things I couldn’t control. Taking responsibility over someone that wasn’t mine led me to live each day fearful of outcomes.

I now understand my role is to create boundaries and often times bring consequences to those under my charge, but their behavior is their choice.

After years of stumbling through life,
I have learned my job is to
trust Him in the process,
seek Him in His Word,
recognize His timing is best,
repent of my sin,
and return to Him with a heart of surrender.

When this happens, I see growth in my action as I become more like Jesus and submit to His authority.

Through it all God has carried me, grown my trust in Him, and proven He’s all He claims to be. 

Being the Boss is more than just obeying authority, it is my story and one that will help children see this early in their life. By the time I learned this, my children were adults so asking forgiveness was warranted.

Submitting to authority is challenging for everyone and even more so for children who haven’t yet been in a position of responsibility over others. My aim in this book was to teach children what I didn’t know as a child (and for many years as an adult).

In this book my desire was for children to see the love behind instructions given to them and out of this love they’re corrected when doing wrong. Even children have a responsibility to learn and grow both emotionally and socially. For example, when children go to bed, those responsible for them aren’t done for the night. My hope is this book will grow an attitude of gratitude and cooperation from children to those caring for them.

I hope to continue to write more books for adults and children helping them recognize early on what I learned through my own suffering leading them to a freedom found in following Jesus as their boss.  

Listen to Vicky share her story on the Project Redemption Podcast by clicking here.

Check out Vicky’s newest book, Being The Boss.

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