In another recent interview with our Amazon Marketing expert, we discover the reason why giving your eBook away for free can benefit the sales of your book.

  1. What happens when my eBook is free?

As you probably know, we as humans LOVE free stuff! People are more likely to download your eBook when it is free, than even a low price such as $1.99. As more people download your free eBook, it trains the Amazon algorithms to favor your book, which then increases your popularity ranking.

  1. How long does my eBook need to be free?

Amazon operates on a 4-day cycle. It is best recommended to run a 5-day free eBook campaign in order for Amazon to recognize your book as a trending item. You can make your eBook free for however long you would like, even for only a day if you choose, but the best way to see results is to make if free long enough that Amazon notices your booming popularity.

  1. Popularity vs. Best Seller

It is easy to get wrapped up in becoming a best seller; as you have worked hard on your book and you want it to succeed. When Amazon recognizes that your book is doing well it boosts your popularity ranking. As your popularity rises, so does your visibility.

  1. Reviews

During our last interview with our Amazon Marketing expert, we learned that reviews are a great way for your Amazon Marketing Campaign to be successful. As your eBook increases in popularity, reviews should follow. Good reviews encourage more Amazon shoppers to purchase your eBook.

  1. How can I get paid based on the number of pages read?

If you are an author who has enrolled in the Kindle Select program with your Amazon Marketing Campaign, you are in position to be paid based on the number of pages read! This program allows the reader to download any Kindle Unlimited eBook for free. Authors are compensated by the number of pages read in their book through that specific program. Watch the video above to see visuals on how this program works!

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