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Four Mistakes You Can Make During Your Amazon Marketing Campaign, and Tips for Success!

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During a recent interview with our Amazon Marketing Expert, we discussed the challenges that are often discovered while working on an Amazon Marketing Campaign. Along with those issues, we have tips on improvement to make your campaign as successful as possible!



Little to No Reviews

Take a second to ask yourself if you have ever read the reviews about a product before purchasing. The answer is most likely, yes. We all want to know what others think about something before we pour our hard-earned money into it. If you are looking at two books on Amazon, and one has a beautiful set of 5 golden stars and the other has no stars or any reviews at all, you will most likely be drawn to the one that scored with flying colors.

However, don’t be discouraged if you just realized your book is one of the ones with no reviews on Amazon. An excellent way to get started, is to ask your friends and family who have read the book, to leave a review. A question often asked is, “if they didn’t buy the book on Amazon, can they still leave a review?” The answer is, yes! The “Verified Buyer” reviews will show up first on your books Amazon listing, however the other reviews will still be there, and will show up first you do not have any “Verified Buyer” reviews yet.

If you are wondering how many reviews are needed to increase your chances of your book seen, clicked-on, and purchased, ten is a good starting point. This should be easy if you encourage all the people in your life who have read your book, to write a review on Amazon. Try to get those reviews into the double-digits…the more the merrier! Reviews should start to happen organically if more people begin buying your book.

No Bio / Author Central Account

During your Campaign, you are not only selling your book, you are also selling yourself as an author. Although this is not as crucial as reviews are, oftentimes, people want to know more about you. In your bio you can mention other social profiles, this will encourage your followers and readers to interact with you more, after or before they have read your book. This is great for authors who are part of Christian organizations, churches, or events that might pertain to your book, and even more importantly, the message that you might be trying to send with your book. Although this is optional because we understand not every author wants their name or face out there, this is a fantastic way to gain a following, especially from potential buyers.

Along with a brief bio, and possibly mentions of your other platforms, a professional headshot is an important added touch.

Here is the link to create your author central account and information on everything the account allows you to do:

Covers That Don’t Grab Attention

Now, before anyone gets offended, our Amazon Marketing Expert has said that all the covers he has seen come from us here at Redemption Press have been beautiful covers. Yay! However, this portion pertains to reprint books from other Publishers or possibly books that are outdated and might need an updated cover. Selling your books on Amazon is fast paced and a competitive adventure if you want to be a best seller! So, having a compelling cover will help draw a customer’s eye; and whether you would like to believe it or not, people do judge books by their covers.

Some aspects of a great cover are: Cohesive colors, readable font, high resolution graphics, and an overall corresponding look between all of these elements.And keep in mind, the thumbnail (small) version of the cover needs to jump off the screen in order to be noticed, so all the more reason the font and colors and contrast are clear and easy to read.

If you would like to update your cover, or create a whole new cover, we do have excellent designers here are Redemption Press, who can help make that happen. Especially if you are interested in starting your Amazon Marketing Campaign, this might be a great option for authors who were previously published by another company and want to give their book a fresh new-look.

Weak Description

After a customer has observed your cover, reviews and possibly author bio, the next thing they will most definitely be looking at is your description. If the description of your book is not compelling, or gives too much information away, that can steer those customers away from purchasing your book.

Here are some elements that make for an excellent description that is intriguing and will entice the reader to want more!

  • Tell your readers what they will be discovering in the book without giving too much away.
  • Use phrases like “A story you can’t miss!” or “A must-read for (Insert here)”
  • Allow your reader to come to their own conclusion.

The goal is to entice people to buy your book and get excited about it. Whether it’s an exciting fiction book, or a non-fiction book to help people in need, the description is the final and one of the most important aspects of your Amazon Marketing Campaign.

If you need help assessing your potential for a successful Amazon Marketing Campaign? Click here to connect with us so we can help!


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