One of our newest team members and a Redemption Press author, BJ Garrett, joins us today to speak to how God guided her from a life of sexual exploitation into one of ministry and onto the Redemption Press team.

Key Ideas:

  • Can God redeem a life of sexual abuse?
  • How does God help us move forward?
  • How can we move on from traumatic pasts?

BJ Garrett Quotes

“My mom traded me for groceries when I was 11 or 12 years old. I was often the payment for whatever we needed.”

“Praise the Lord, He had another plan.”

“The Lord rescued me—literally—from the pit and drew me out and saved my life, saved my husband, saved my children…we surrendered into full time ministry and now here we are!”

Preparing the Soil with BJ Garrett

Athena Quotes

“I love how God would take you from being a client to being in charge of that whole ministry.”

Preparing the Soil with BJ Garrett


Redemption, Christian author, abortion, sexual abuse survivor, from victim to victory, God in the pit. 

Listen to the Episode:

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