April Katherman-Redgrave and Larry Selig:

Are you relying on others or are you relying on Christ? Are you living for His purposes? Life doesn’t always turn out the way we would like but if you turn your life over to Him you will see His purposes for you. You may feel unprepared or unworthy but He will equip you along the way! You are not alone! Trust and surrender your life over to God and see how much greater His plans are than yours!

Key Ideas:

  • God doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the called
  • God answers prayers
  • Surrender to God’s purpose for you

April Katherman-Redgrave Quotes

“It took me losing him to find myself, to rely on Christ, I live life now without sweating the small stuff.”

All Things Podcast, Turning your life over to God.

Larry Selig Quotes

“He said to me, I didn’t ask for your ability, I asked for your availability.”

All Things Podcast, Turning your life over to God.

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