Carole Leathem and Jolene Saunders:

God has a perfect plan! He is going to give you what you need, but it might look different than what you anticipated and in an unexpected way. Where are you right now? You might be dealing with something you didn’t think possible or a situation you didn’t know how to handle. Be honest and trust God can show up and walk with you the whole way.

Key Ideas:

  • Waiting on God’s perfect timing
  • Pray for miracles
  • The importance of talking about mental illness 

Carole Leathem Quote’s

“We can live in the messiest of lives and we can still see God show up and know He has a plan.”

All Things Podcast, God is working behind the scenes

Jolene Saunders Quotes

“This is my Romans 8:28 story because I had been praying for this all summer, for this miracle and not only to the dollar was it answered but it was cool because God had answered it 20 years before the prayer even left my lips.”

All Things Podcast, God is working behind the scenes

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