On today’s episode, we welcome Tim Shorey & Dana Meier:

Tim, lives and gives thanks through it all. He has lived through many trials and heartaches, of the which, nerve damage that has caused a 24/7, 365 day headache for over 30 years. In spite of the obstacles, he chooses to accept the grace the Lord gives him that have led him to God’s ultimate purpose for him, expressing truth.

Dana, spent 15 years processing her journey homeschooling, journaling. Twenty journals later, she felt that there was a bigger audience. She choose to listen to God’s promptings and was willing to take the next step all the while trusting God to direct her path.

Key Ideas:

  • Experiencing God’s grace!
  • The importance of children seeking the Lord!
  • It’s okay to ask for help!

Dana Meier Quotes

“God has a way of using things, He will get our attention one way or the other.”

All Things Podcast, Trusting God through it all; health & family.

Tim Shorey Quotes

“We have tasted the sufficiency of God’s grace that we wouldn’t have if not for this headache. Everything we have experienced has been through this level six headache. On a level, you might say why, but on another level, I see it as a gift, no exaggeration. I get to the end of the day and say, Lord you did it again.”

All Things Podcast, Trusting God through it all; health & family.

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Follow God’s promptings. Choose God. Listen to God’s voice. You have a story. Express yourself.

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