On today’s episode, Judith Lafler:

In today’s episode, we welcome Judith Lafler! Author of Love Never Fails, her book invites us to see love differently and to express that love to others. Are you forgetting about God’s love? Do you feel unloved? Unfortunately, 80% of people feel unloved but we can show the people around us God’s love by listening, being there, and paying attention. People may disappear or disappoint us but God’s love will never fail.

Key Ideas:

  • Do you have fears of abandonment?
  • What is love?
  • Have you ever felt alone?

Judith Lafler Quotes:

“God’s love is the perfect example of how love never fails even if people disappear from our lives.”

Love never fails with Judith Lafler

Athena Dean Holtz Quotes:

“In the middle of hard times God is always working behind the scenes.”

Love never fails with Judith Lafler

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Judith Lafler

Athena Dean Holtz


God’s love. The best kind of love. God is real. God loves you. Eternal love.

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