On today’s episode, Rita Davis, Teresa Moyer and Jody Allen:

In today’s episode, we welcome Rita Davis, Teresa Moyer, and Jody Allen! God is working in the background we just need to lean in and trust Him. From opportunities He’s given, to opportunities He’s taken away and even, painful circumstances God will use it all for His glory. Listen to this episode to hear how God has walked with these three women and given them incredible Romans 8:28 stories!

Key Ideas:

  • How to deal with disappointment?
  • How does God take you where you need to be?
  • The dangers of shame and humiliation?

Rita Davis Quotes:

“I just had to say thank you God becuase I knew He was in the response, He used the whole situation.”

Are you believing that God will turn it around?

Teresa Moyer Quotes:

“Don’t go ahead of God, you will suffer consequences if you follow your own path.”

Are you believing that God will turn it around?

Jody Allen Quotes:

“Sweeping it under the rug doesn’t make it go away, we all have blind sides.”

Are you believing that God will turn it around?

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Rita Davis

Teresa Moyer

Jody Allen


God gives you opportunities! God walks with you daily! Feelings of disappointment. Feelings of humiliation.

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