On today’s episode, Elisabeth Stubbs:

In today’s episode, we welcome Elisabeth Stubbs! Author of An Invitation to Delight her book invites us to a place of rest and a path back to closeness with the heavenly Father—through his tabernacle. In an era where the pressures of life often distract believers from a deep relationship with God, author and speaker Lis Stubbs shows us that good things happen from places of desperation. Go to Him, go to His tabernacle, there is a safe place for you!

Key Ideas:

  • What is your love language?
  • What is God thinking about?
  • What is the tabernacle?

Elisabeth Stubbs Quotes:

“I would like to see a generation that engages with the supernatural.”

How to get closer to God with Elisabeth Stubbs

Athena Dean Holtz Quotes:

‘He is sovereign, He never misses, He is trustworthy!”

How to get closer to God with Elisabeth Stubbs

Where to Find Them!

Elisabeth Stubbs:

Athena Dean Holtz

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What is the tabernacle? Finding a safe place. Going to God. Finding peace. Christianity.

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