The Plan

“Hi, my name is Zagzagel, but you can call me Zag.” Abe had wished for someone to answer his questions about Jesus, but he certainly hadn’t expected what happened next. He’d just been sitting alone in the dark, trying to distract himself from scary night noises, when suddenly, there was Zag—and the angel was eager to answer Abe’s questions. The angel takes Abe on a whirlwind tour through time. Adam and Eve, Abraham, the Hebrew slaves in Egypt and their great escape through the Red Sea . . . Zag even takes Abe to see the prophet Isaiah. Stories Abe has heard all his life suddenly become real as Zag gives him glimpse after glimpse of the pieces of God’s plan—a plan that, like a tapestry, must be made stitch by stitch until the picture is complete. And a big part of the tapestry is Jesus. By the time Zag returns Abe to his own lonely hillside, Abe knows he must see Jesus for himself —and soon, because Jesus’s time is almost up. Abe knows Jesus has to die but doesn’t understand why God can’t save him. God can do anything. Abe accompanies his dad and grandpa to Jerusalem to celebrate a Passover they’ll never forget. A Passover that will change the world forevermore. As events unfold, Abe must cling to Zag’s instruction: “Trust God’s plan, Abe, no matter what happens.”

A Story Forgotten

This book takes you on a 4000 year journey that begins with creation and leaves you in an era that would change the world forever. Walk through time from creation to the great flood and follow the survivors of the flood to the generation that gave birth to the Arab and Israeli Nations. Discover why God chose the children of this generation to demonstrate His power and bless the world, and how these children became a nation that struggled through time to remain faithful to God. Experience their slavery, their life in the desert, their joy of claiming the land God promised to give them, their years of extreme wealth and power, and ultimately their ruin and deportation. Sense their passion to survive the Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, Ptolemics, Seleucids, Romans and even Herod the Great. Live the history of a nation determined to survive–a nation that learned the value of putting their hope in God.

About the Author

Karen Geisler

Karen Geisler is a retired telecommunications software specialist who lives in Florida with her husband. Born and raised in a Christian home, Karen says she knew what Jesus did for her, but couldn’t fully appreciated what He went through for her on that cross. In her search for understanding, God allowed her to see His story through the eyes of a child, and “The Plan” was born. Karen’s first book, A Story Forgotten…, recounts the events of the Old Testament in story form for easy understanding. Both books are available through Redemption Press. Karen also brings the Old Testament to life through presentations before private schools, special interest groups, and churches. It is Karen’s hope that through her books, others will cherish the Old Testament and come to fully appreciate what Jesus experienced.

Author Karen Geisler

Rave Reviews for The Plan…

“Great story. A nice read and good for story telling. It would be of interest for all ages.” —Toni Miller
“I was drawn into the story from the moment I started reading. Not only is it a wonderfully fantastical tale but is packed with historically accurate information as well. The author painted a crystal clear picture of a child’s experiences during the time Jesus walked the earth, and I felt like I was there witnessing the events myself!” — Michelle Rodvold
“It was a very compassionate, Biblical story that people of all ages would be interested in reading.” — Connie VanEtten
“Excellent way of portraying the life of Jesus Christ so it is easily understood by all ages.” —Ellen Friedwald
“A young man/boy seeking Jesus. Just might be the book that lures you to look into the life of Jesus for yourself.” — Irene Duval

Rave Reviews for A Story Forgotten…

“You have given me an improved appreciation of the Bible.” —T. Westropp
“I finally have a better understanding of the Old Testament as it relates to my faith, as well as the struggle in the mid-east countries. Thank you.” — R. O’Malley
“It humanizes.” — R. Kelly
“It gave me a greater understanding of the times and places that are sometimes hard to pronounce, and visualize when reading on my own.” —M. Trainor
“You make the Old Testament come to life, it isn’t just a history lesson.” — A. Brown

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