Will the Real Person Please Stand Up?
Does fear of rejection hold you back from letting people see the real you? Are you tired of hiding?

Gail Porter lived with this kind of fear during her childhood and most of her adult life. When God revealed her bondage to the power of fear, she was set free to come out of hiding and become who He’d created her to be. What she learned grew into a passion to help others experience the same freedom.

Will the Real Person Please Stand Up? offers much-needed hope to those who long to be set free from the fear of rejection and become their authentic selves. In this life-changing book you will read Gail’s own experiences, stories of real people, and input from those in the medical field. Gail walks you through the process of identifying and acknowledging what holds you captive so you can live in freedom rather than in fear.

With God’s help, you can walk out of your self-made prison, break strongholds, and taste the freedom that will allow you to become who God made you to be. Get ready to stand up and say, “This is the real me.”

About the Author
Gail Porter
Gail Porter is an author and speaker. She spent fifty years serving with Cru/Campus Crusade for Christ in the U.S. as well as in the Philippines. She’s had extensive experience in speaking at women’s conferences in many countries.

Gail co-authored two resources for women: The Significant Woman life-coaching discipleship course and the SOARING life-coaching evangelistic course, designed to help Christian women reach their non-Christian friends. Both books have been translated into multiple languages.

Her book. Life through Loss: Facing Your Pain, Finding Your Purpose, has touched the lives of many who watched their loved ones suffer and were then left behind. Gail can identify with their sorrow because she endured cascading losses in her own family. She helps readers face the inevitable grieving season and find courage to take the next step toward new life. One couple, having read Gail’s book shortly after losing their nineteen-year-old daughter, said this: “Because you showed us how you processed your grief, we were able to walk through our own journey.”

Author Gail Porter
Gail’s current book, Will the Real Person Please Stand Up? Rising above the Fear of Rejection, flowed from her passion to help people learn how to escape captivity and experience freedom to be all God created them to be. She knows from personal experience the devastation that can come from choosing bondage instead of freedom.

Gail lives in Orlando, Florida, where she enjoys ballroom dancing and her favorite role of aunt to her nieces and nephews.

Rave Reviews for Will the Real Person Please Stand Up?

Read it, live it, see it change your life.

“The world waits for the ‘real you’ to emerge and rise up to fulfill your God-given destiny and purpose. Gail has brilliantly given us the master plan. Read it, live it, see it change your life.”

Scott George, Pastor and Community Leader

Enlightening, encouraging, and inspiring…

“In this most enlightening, encouraging, and inspiring book, Gail provides Bible-based solutions for recognizing, confronting, and conquering our fear. Now we can live victoriously, be all we can be, and experience everything our Creator has in store for us. It is time to Stand Up! Thank you, Gail!”

— Marvin R. Terry, DC, Whole Health Alternatives

Will inspire many to rise above the fear of rejection and live the life of freedom God intended.

“I have no doubt Gail’s writings will inspire many to rise above the fear of rejection and live the life of freedom God intended. As a bonus, she has included study questions at the end of each chapter. They will make this book easy to use in a small group setting.”

— Dena Yohe, Award-winning author of You are Not Alone

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