An ABC Prayer to Jesus: Praise for Hearts Both Young & Old


About The Book

The Bible calls Jesus our Alpha and Omega, the beginning and end of the Greek alphabet. But who is Jesus in our own alphabet? An ABC Prayer to Jesus: Praise for Hearts Both Young and Old introduces readers to many aspects of Christ’s identity. Rhyming stanzas that may be sung to the tune of the Doxology are drawn from both the Old and New Testaments to celebrate the person and work of our Savior. Rich theology expressed in accessible words and accompanied by beautiful images creates a unique Jesus-centered offering of worship and a heartfelt meditation that will bring parents and children of all ages together. In a world that daily challenges the relevance of the Church, An ABC Prayer to Jesus provides an enduring foundation for faith

About The Author

Tim Shorey

Tim Shorey grew up in Japan, the son of missionary parents who provided him with a heritage of faith and devotion. After receiving a BA in biblical literature from Northeastern Bible College, he worked as a pastor in New Jersey for three decades. Tim now serves as lead pastor of Risen Hope Church in Eastern Delaware County, Pennsylvania, where he lives with his wife, Gayline. Their six children and thirteen grandchildren—so far!—inspired Tim to create a winsome worship experience that teaches big truths for all ages.

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About The Illustrator

Dan Lee

Dan is a designer, writer, illustrator, and hand-lettering artist and lives in the breathtaking foothills of Wyoming’s Bighorn Mountains. Dan has been creating distinctive visual assets for musicians, businesses, ministries, and nonprofits for over ten years. This is his first illustrated book, and he is honored that it involves bringing to life Tim’s creative, reverent, and delightful vision.

Dan Lee

Rave Reviews for... An ABC Prayer to Jesus: Praise for Hearts Both Young & Old


“A beautiful, biblically rooted, creative book for kids (and their parents!). Theologically sound and engaging, these twenty-six brief four-line verses explode with gospel meaning. It’s impossible to say how many fruitful conversations will happen as moms and dads unpack these truths with their young ones. I plan to read it to my grandkids!”

- Bob Kauflin, singer, songwriter

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