Arise, and Climb the Mountain …When God doesn’t move the mountains, He gives you faith to climb them.

Arise, and Climb the Mountain …When God doesn’t move the mountains, He gives you faith to climb them.

About The Book

Sharon was enjoying her dream job, when suddenly life took an unexpected turn that turned her well-ordered life upside down. She made the bold decision to stop running on the fast-paced Chicago treadmill and catch her breath. While processing a life review, she recalled memories of difficult events, including struggling with physical health issues, a painful divorce, a radical career change, betrayal, moving to a different state, death of a loved one, and becoming an overnight caregiver for family. Sharon felt overwhelmed by the heavy layers of grief and loss. When the combination of events felt like an insurmountable mountain of pain to conquer, author Sharon Eleanor Todd found comfort in God’s presence through a special place of healing and restoration in the Adirondack Mountains.

Arise, and Climb the Mountain is an opportunity to join Sharon on her inspirational faith journey of discovering renewed hope and purpose. With the beautiful Adirondacks as a backdrop, Sharon recounts God’s love and faithfulness on her trek through life’s mountainous terrain. Be encouraged and equipped to conquer your own mountains with powerful Biblical truths and the Holy Spirit as your guide.

About The Author

Sharon Eleanor Todd

Sharon Eleanor Todd resides in Connecticut and spends her summers in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. She is an artist at heart, adventurer in spirit, and an Adirondack Park enthusiast.

Sharon is most content when she is sitting in her favorite Adirondack chair watching the sunrise over the lake with a Bible in one hand and a hot cup of coffee in the other. She is passionate about teaching others how they can grow in their relationship with Christ through one-on-one discipleship, ministry retreats, and training workshops. She is a contagious encourager who enjoys fostering a renewed sense of hope, significance, and purpose.

Sharon’s various ministry roles have taken place both globally and locally in hospitals, universities, churches, and on hiking trails. Her educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology/Sociology, a Master in Educational Leadership, and a Master of Divinity. Sharon’s education and ministry experiences have fueled her passion for helping people grow in their faith and lead in their giftedness.

Sharon Eleanor Todd

Quotes from... Arise, and Climb the Mountain …When God doesn’t move the mountains, He gives you faith to climb them.

As we draw close to the Lord, He turns our pride into peaceful humility, our plans into a powerful kingdom purpose, and our dreams into a God-given calling.

Having an eternal perspective will allow us to see our Transformational Trek through the mountaintops and valleys as an adventure with God.

As we embrace our freedom in Christ, we enter a world of possibilities where new dreams and opportunities are born. It is never too late, and we are never too old to begin again in God’s economy.

Surrender is not a one time decision; it is a thousand choices to lay down our own plans and trust God’s plans above our own.

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