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Allen Hartman and Deacon Abraham find themselves in the spiritual-warfare battle of their lives when they take on a depraved, malevolent being determined to stop Deacon Abraham from aiding slaves on their treks to freedom. While Allen and his motley crew battle pirates and unknown forces on the Ohio River in 1840, Deacon Abraham winds up on a hidden plantation in the Louisiana bayous, powered by drugged slaves who carry out the work of their demonic master. In book 2 of the Two Rivers Trilogy, will the prayer warriors interceding for Deacon Abraham and Allen be enough to defeat the haunting evil, or will these two men of God be brought to their knees before an insidious power?

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Michael W. Henry

Michael Henry is a retired pastor and missionary living in Washington state with his wife, Shelley. They have been married over forty years and have four adult children and two grandchildren. They enjoy hiking, hunting, camping, kayaking and sipping coffee. Through his writing, Michael seeks to encourage active and effective intercession.

Michael W. Henry’s ministry has spanned from serving as a missionary in Mexico, where he encountered intense spiritual warfare, to planting and pastoring churches in Washington state. Now retired, Michael pursues writing, film production, and offers spiritual-life coaching to believers searching for deep faith encounters with Jesus. Michael has long been fascinated by Native American spirituality and culture. He and his wife live in Wenatchee, Washington, and enjoy hunting, hiking, canoeing, and other outdoor activities with their four adult children and grandchildren. He has previously published Two Rivers, book 1 of the Two Rivers Trilogy.

Michael has also produced an award-winning documentary film entitled “Kidnapped Redemption”. The story of missionary Phyllis Sortor in Nigeria.

Mike Henry

Quotes from... Down the River

“They’re saying I should be teaching Indian children in a classroom rather than living with them in their camp.”

“Two Rivers will not like that you go to the white fathers. He wants to learn more from the black book.

“I seen La Marque. He looked like a devil. Like he was making a hurtful plan on Deacon Abraham.” She shivered.

She sobbed, her shoulders softly heaving. After moments, she raised her head again. “You are . . .” She caught her breath. “You are the one Allen calls Jesus?”

Allen swallowed. “Pirates.” He scanned down river. “Lord be with us.”

“Father, as you rescued me out of Dark Wolf’s cave and as you saved Two Rivers’s camp from the death cloud, so you can rescue us now from this army of pirates.” Allen paused, listening to his own words. “Of course you will rescue us. You’ve sent me to find Deacon Abraham and take him home safely.

“My name is La Marque.” He waited for a reaction. “I know you’ve heard of me. You’ve been stealing my property, my slaves.”
“No man can own a child of God. I set them free from a lie.” Abraham stood and presented his wrists. “Bind my hands, but you can’t bind my heart. And you isn’t La Marque.” The lamp moved again. “He’s hiding behind the door.”

But the slaves close by wandered aimlessly. If one moved in their direction, a foreman would shove them back, and rather than resist, they slumped off. “What’s wrong with these people? They all gots that unnatural look in the eyes.”

Killing him would be too easy. La Marque was going to summon all the power at his disposal to make Deacon Abraham a slave of his slaves.

When Lydia paused, Brother Dickson picked up the prayer. After several minutes, as quickly as it started, the intercession faded to a close. The brother looked at Lydia. “I seen a spirit of infirmity. Like a dark shadow clinging to him.”

For the next several hours, Abraham used the time to pray, recite Scripture, and sing hymns. “My Lord, I don’t worry for myself, but I pray for these folks being held captive. It ain’t right for them to be oppressed by this man of the dark. You gots to bring the light. The light of truth and freedom.”

“But you’ve captured other priests. His blood will run just like theirs. And he’ll cry for mercy just like them too.”

“They’re given something worse than opium. And the master does some ritual on them. I fear it’s some kind of devil worship.”

Abraham put his arm across Allen’s back. “Lord bless you all. I’m grateful for your kindness. I knew that the Lord would send men of valor. I’m truly honored.”

“Hallelujah.” Deacon Abraham beamed. “Brother, I reckon it was your prayer done brought us through. You saw how we skimmed over the bottom when we should’ve been grounded.”

Allen’s brow creased. “La Marque, Sylvester, the army, the governor, and any man seeking a bounty. What are we going to do? Seems like all the giants are after us.”

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The River West

Action and Adventure   Spiritual Warfare  Powerful Truths

Having escaped from a secret holding cell in the Masonic Temple, missionary Allen Hartman is on the Natchez Trace after rescuing his friend from slavery on a swamp plantation. But when the evil La Marque sends an assassin to kill him and forcibly return Deacon Abraham to captivity, Allen must battle an onslaught of dark spiritual forces. Will Allen withstand this attack of powerful sorcery? Can he clear his name from false accusations by religious leaders? Will he follow the river west to resume his mission and realize a hoped-for future with Moon Cloud, the Arapaho woman he loves? In book three of the Two Rivers Trilogy, Allen Hartman learns that “greater love” has a costly price as he battles evil in the Lord’s strength.  

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