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The Flower Girls


About The Book

It’s two a.m. on a quiet night at the Sisters of Mercy Hospital in Del Rio, Texas. But when the front doors whoosh open, the nurse in charge looks up and her blood runs cold. A young, pregnant woman in a bloody and torn flowered dress hobbles into the emergency room and collapses on the floor. “H-help me . . .” she whispers through split, puffy lips. “Please help my babies.” 

It’s the worst case of abuse that Detective Dan Baxter has ever seen. The only bright spot in this mysterious murder is that the woman’s babies—each given a flower name in honor of the dress their mother wore that night—managed to survive. Lily, Violet, and Rose thrive in spite of the violence that took their mama in the early morning hours after their birth. Although the case appears to be unsolvable, Detective Baxter refuses to let it go. As the girls, known in the press as the Texas Flower Girls, are adopted by three separate families and go on to live their lives, Baxter keeps the cold case in his sights. Who kidnapped and tortured this woman, and why?

The Flower Girls is an uplifting story of faith, perseverance, and the ultimate intertwining of four individual lives, brought together out of tragedy. Like the flowers the triplets are named for, these young women grow and bloom, proving faith provides strength in the most trying circumstances.

About The Author

J.C. Lafler

From a young age, J. C. Lafler always wanted to write, but she ended up in a government career that lasted nearly thirty-two years. Now she spends her days writing about faith in God and enjoys puzzles, painting, and traveling. She and her husband, David, have six children and 12 grandchildren. They live in Portage, Michigan, and winter in Missouri City, Texas. Her novels include Lost and Found, Amazing Grace, Hope Everlasting, Leap of Faith, Finding Joy, and Love - What's God Got to Do With It? The Flower Girls is J.C.’s eighth novel with Redemption Press.  Visit for more information.

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