Love-What’s God Got to Do with It?

Love-What’s God Got to Do with It?


About The Book

Have you ever felt alone in the world or been afraid to go to sleep in your own home?

In Love Never Fails, Bella Roberts experiences both, and for good reason.

After her mother dies in a hit-and-run, escaping an abusive relationship, eight-year-old Bella goes to live with her aunt and uncle, who try to show her that love and faith can conquer any fear. She blossoms under their care, but when they also pass away, Bella is crushed. She has no one to turn to now except for her best friend, who has a growing family of her own.

A rude confrontation in her workplace makes her second-guess her purpose in life—until she discovers an abandoned puppy. Bella finds love and companionship with her furry friend, but her fears escalate once again when her backyard fence is tampered with and someone plays a horrible prank that makes her suspect she and her Maltipoo are both in danger.

With the help of the local veterinarian, her friends, and a home security system, Bella soon uncovers who is behind the nasty pranks. Though she clings to the Scriptures she learned with her aunt and uncle, Bella can’t shake the horrible sensation of being watched and struggles to understand.

When an unknown relative shows up out of the blue, Bella begins to doubt everything about her life, including her memories of her mother and aunt and uncle. Then she and her pup are kidnapped, and she is forced to face the nightmares of her past.

Will her faith be strong enough to get her through and help her find love again?

About The Author

J.C. Lafler

From a young age, J. C. Lafler always wanted to write, but she ended up in a government career that lasted nearly thirty-two years. Now she spends her days writing about faith in God and enjoys puzzles, painting, and traveling. She and her husband, David, have six children and nine grandchildren. They live in Portage, Michigan, and winter in Missouri City, Texas. Her novels include Lost and Found, Amazing Grace, Hope Everlasting, Leap of Faith, and Finding Joy. Love Never Fails is J.C.’s sixth novel with Redemption Press. Visit for more information.


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