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Get Organized God’s Way


About The Book

With the abundance of how-to books and advice on organizing, why do we still struggle with clutter? Is there a deeper problem underneath our piles of possessions? Could it be that clutter is really a spiritual issue? 

As a certified professional organizer, author Eileen Koff unveils the disorganizing lies that keep people in darkness and disarray. Get Organized God’s Way sheds light on God’s plan to bring His order into your chaos so you can experience His perfect peace and purpose for your life.

This study will empower you to

  • break free from false beliefs that keep you in bondage to your possessions
  • remove distractions so you can hear God’s voice clearly
  • create space to prioritize your gifts and talents to serve others
  • outline realistic expectations on how to maintain your work and
  • flourish in your relationships with God and with others. 


Get Organized God’s Way uses real-life stories, the study of Scripture, and strategic questions to enhance your learning and personal application. It has changed the lives of hundreds of clients seeking guidance and inspiration. Our prayer is that it will not only transform your spaces but that you will experience the transforming power of God’s Word.

About The Author

Eileen Koff, CPO

Eileen Koff of Eileen Koff Ministries is a Certified Professional Organizer (CPO®), former member and publication chair of NAPO (National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals), and founder of her professional organizing company, To The Next Level. Eileen holds a Level II Specialist Certificate with the Institute of Challenging Disorganization, and she received the Best Green Service award by NAPO-LA in 2013. A founding member of Faithful Organizers, she wrote their monthly devotions from 2007 to 2015. While passionate about teaching organization, her greatest delight is witnessing the transforming power of God’s Word in the lives she serves. 


Quotes from... Get Organized God’s Way

We believe that God desires intimacy in our daily life, but how does that translate to the clutter that sits on our tables, countertops, and in our storage spaces? This study is designed to teach you how to deal with clutter and find a peaceful place where you can nurture intimacy with God.


Anyone who has ever tried to get organized knows it can be tough, and that’s why I have put together this study. Unlike other books filled with hints, tips, and methods that work for everyone else but you, this study will reveal God’s plan for living an orderly life. Once you understand how to Get Organized God’s Way, He will light your path to a new freedom from your present chaos.


A disorganized life can put God at a distance because of all the distractions that clutter creates the temptation to love and treasure those things rather than God.


Do not look at your gifts as insignificant. Remember, if you are faithful in small responsibilities, God will bless you with greater responsibilities.


“Character” is the person you really are. Building Christian character is a process, much like living an orderly life. If you are always stressed because you can’t find what you need, your character suffers. If you are continually late and others are always waiting for you, your character suffers. If you are financially burdened because your money habits do not conform to your income, your character suffers. Living an orderly life, like a surgeon’s knife, exposes root character issues and begins to let God take control.

I would suggest that everything in your home actually belongs to God. That coat you bought last fall is His. Remember, He gave you or your spouse the income so that you could afford the coat. He supplied all the raw materials that go into the coat, and He made the people who manufactured the coat. How it got into your hands was all His doing. The coat, actually does belong to Him and He loves you so much that even a coat to keep you warm in winter is important to Him.

As an organizer, I have seen the inner strongholds that grip many of my clients. It seems that the darkest times come just before a breakthrough, but it must be each individual’s breakthrough. Change is hard. 

Our hectic lifestyle has a way of crowding out just what is important. We never seem to notice the bits and pieces of life that end up on the counter, in the drawers, and on the sofa in the day-to-day. Only when clutter becomes a nuisance or when we decide to have others over to the house, do we then pay attention to those postponed decisions. 

Where my clients have gone astray is by letting organization alone become the goal, not the process toward their goal. Having the Martha home with “a place for everything and everything in its place” is not the realistic, “life happens,” day-to-day atmosphere where most of us live. Leading a well-organized life will let you have the messes and rejoice that at the end of the mess, life will get back together again.

If you don’t plan your week, your week will plan itself. When you allow your calendar to fill up with things that don’t reflect your values and priorities, you’ll find yourself frustrated by the end of the week. 

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