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Wisdom: Capturing the Power of Our Words

About The Book

“This study on understanding and applying wisdom in daily situations will transform your life. Dyann Shepard has done an extraordinary job of weaving biblical principles with practical applications and thought-provoking questions. Don’t miss it!” —Carol Kent, speaker and author of Becoming a Woman of Influence 

Have you ever asked yourself “Why did I say that? What was I thinking?” Those harsh, insensitive words have landed in someone’s heart, hurting them deeply. You are embarrassed and ashamed. You can’t retract them any more than you can put toothpaste back in the tube. Words have power . . . but the power of the tongue can be tamed and harnessed.

The book of Proverbs instructs us to seek God’s wisdom in what we speak and how we live. Learn to grow in wisdom, allowing it to transform your life and conversations, through this eight-session interactive Bible study focusing on the impact of our words.

Using a personal incident in her own life, Dyann Shepard shares how God healed a deep wound from her past, softened her hardened heart, and restored her soul. Yielding to the Holy Spirit brought her to a new place of inner transformation and freedom. Explore ways to heal and uplift, rather than harm and crush others, through this study. This journey is like peeling an onion, layer by layer, and sometimes through tears. It requires prayer, commitment, and daily surrendering to the Holy Spirit. Suitable for groups or individuals.

About The Author

Dyann Shepard

Dyann Shepard is an author, speaker, and Bible study teacher who loves to share the power of God to redeem, restore, and transform lives through life’s most tumultuous storms. Her passion is writing and speaking about the transforming power of Jesus in our daily lives when we open our hearts to Him. A retired CPA, Shepard is a former staff member of  CRU and was a Stephen’s Minister for many years. Her writings can be found on her websites, and

Dyann Shepard
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Quotes from... Wisdom: Capturing the Power of Our Words

When we understand the relationship of growing in wisdom and taming our tongues, our choice of words can be transformed when surrendered to God.

Taming the tongue is not a comfortable process. In fact, at times, it can be brutal . . . Inner transformation is much like the peeling of an onion, layer by layer and sometimes through tears.

Developing the habit of pursuing godly wisdom will produce the habit of thinking before we speak, leading to the habit of using words that are soothing, encouraging, and healing.

As the Lord began to reveal the real cause of my fury, I realized I had just been “fracked.” The hot pressure of the Holy Spirit had broken up old hurts and brought them to the surface. The hard rock of my heart and scars from my childhood were exposed.

My spiritual fracking led to deep healing as the truth of my hard heart surfaced. Jesus showed me the way to forgiveness and freedom, which resulted in a new life for me. I had been a slave to childhood hurt and pain. As I let go of the old issues, I was free to experience a deeper understanding of myself, the speaker, and my mother.

I like to call this God’s plan for ageless aging. With the proper attention to healthy spiritual food and exercise, our inner life becomes more robust, not weaker. Our spiritual life is what we take into eternity. Instead of diminished beauty, we have the opportunity to become lovelier as we become more like Jesus.

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