Vietnam and Christianity: A Vietnam Veteran’s Transformation from Army Soldier to Warrior of God


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The Lord works providentially in all things, even the most negative experiences imaginable—including war. Don Boudreaux joined the military at seventeen-years-old and went to fight in Vietnam at eighteen, where he experienced combat for almost a year before being severely wounded. Becoming a Christian seven years later, Don began questioning God about the purpose in sending him to war. God answered: I sent you to war so you could become a spiritual warrior.


Don has committed his life to fighting the good fight of faith and becoming a spiritual warrior, and he shares his journey in Vietnam and Christianity. He brilliantly correlates his experiences in Vietnam to specific Scriptures, encouraging you to live as a believer in Christ and to battle in attacks from Satan. Whether discussing artillery and helicopters or food rations and insects, he intertwines God’s Word, leaving you filled with hope and ready to take the offense in spiritual warfare. He also boldly introduces prophetic ministry and other spiritual gifts to embolden you to step out in faith and become warriors for Christ.

About The Author

Don Boudreaux

Don Boudreaux served in the United States Army from 1966–1969 and is a Vietnam combat veteran, fighting in Vietnam from 1967–1968. He was honorably discharged after being severely wounded, and he received a Purple Heart for his service. Don came to know Jesus in 1975 and is a called prophet and seer of the Lord. He received training in prophetic ministry from a church affiliated with Christian International and was ordained and licensed as a minister after graduating from Rhema Bible Training Center in 2005. Residing in his home state of Louisiana with his wife, Sheila, of forty-four years—who is also a prophetess and minister—they have been lovers of Jesus Christ and filled with the Holy Spirit for as long as they have been married. Together they are dedicated to ministering and equipping others with truth and hope through prophetic ministry. Don is a proud father of six and a grandfather of ten.

Don Boudreaux

Rave Reviews for... Vietnam and Christianity: A Vietnam Veteran’s Transformation from Army Soldier to Warrior of God


I was also blessed and intrigued by the details of the actual experiences that this man faced in the Vietnam conflict and the humor he expressed in recounting some of them. One such slightly humorous story is how tree ants in the jungle showed him their animosity while he worked by suddenly attacking him mercilessly. These stories were told by a man who endured difficult hardships but emerged a more Godly person because of the saving power of Christ and the love that the author has for human kind and his country. As the author states:
Father God wanted me to go through war to learn, experience, and tell about it. This is the fight: to be wounded both physically and emotionally and tell about it.


After reading this inspiring book, I was deeply moved by the author’s sincerity in telling his story, his deep gratitude to Jesus and many others, his triumph in Christ over great hardship, his understanding of the great importance of spiritual warfare from his intense experiences in the Vietnam War, and his deep desire to see others embrace Jesus as their treasure. His open honesty of his sinful ways before knowing Christ—or BC, as he calls it—is striking as well as his emotional struggles during his time in Vietnam and his hardships in adjusting to his life in Jesus.

- Joshua Boudreaux


It’s one of those books that you have to make yourself stop reading because you want to know what’s next. It is interesting and easy to read

- Jimmie Willson

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