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Nothing More


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God knows our age. He honors age and aging, but He also has a plan for each one of us at this place in our senior years.

How do I walk closer to God in my later years? What is God’s plan for me in this season of life?

With aging bodies, ever-changing technology, and a recent global pandemic, author Diane Harper knows the challenges of living in the senior years, but she also knows the God who created her to “still bear fruit in old age” (Psalm 92:14). Throughout this devotional, Harper shares her stories and struggles, wisdom and insight on how to walk closer to God when He feels so far.

With topics such as aging, abiding in Christ, pain, relationships, and changes, each devotion includes a

· Scripture

· story

· thought for the day

· prayer

· space for journaling the occasional questions for further study and reflection.

Nothing More: Senior Reflections is Harper’s second devotional for those who are experiencing life’s later aging process. It will instill hope and purpose as it encourages seniors to live out their Christian faith, allowing nothing to come between them and Jesus—to need nothing more than Jesus.

About The Author

Diane Harper

Diane Harper is a seventy-something senior who has walked with God for over fifty-five years. Through her devotions, she shares her stories and wisdom from her journey with Christ to encourage other seniors in theirs. Diane has also published four novels in her Train Series that deal with abortion recovery, healing, and restoration. She has been married to Bruce for fifty-seven years, and they have five children, ten grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

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Quotes from... Nothing More

I love Teresa's healing testimony. She chose the best way to receive a healing from the Lord. It's not the only way, but

“I have been blessed with good health for most of my life. But I had taken pride in thinking it was my doing and not God’s blessing. Now in the latter years of my life, I have been afflicted. I know some of the things I suffer are because I live in a fallen world. I also know God allows physical afflictions to get my attention.”

We all have an “Isaac” we need to offer to God. It could be something very dear to our hearts. And after we let go of it, He may or may not take it from us. It could be a test, like it was for Abraham. What is my “Isaac”?

I want to be so in love with Jesus that I would not give a second thought if He asked me to sell everything, pack one small bag, and go—maybe like Abraham, not even knowing where I was going!

I realize now, closing in on the age of eighty . . . I have learned to be content with whatever, wherever, and whenever. Even if I don’t have my health, or I’m barely making ends meet, whatever the circumstances, I do have enough.

Sometimes it is hard for us seniors to embrace all this technology . . . God has blessed us beyond belief in gifting man’s mind to give us medical and communication technology to make our lives better. But it all needs to be measured in the light of this question: “Are we using it, or is it using us?”

I learned that I can’t serve Him in any way if there is even a hint of desire to bring glory to myself. When my focus is to bring Him the glory, out of that flows the excitement and joy of whatever He has called me to do.

The aging process is part of God’s plan, whether we like it or not. Instead of complaining about what we can’t do anymore, we need to ask God to show us what we can do.

All I have is today, or this moment . . . If I rush ahead either in action or thought, I will miss the now He has planned for me.

The symphony God composes in our lives is the most unbelievable musical masterpiece that tells our own unique story.

In our senior years, God doesn’t retire us. He redirects us

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