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A Study Guide Companion to the Multi-Award-Winning Book Seven Words You Never Want to Hear

Do you schedule regular medical and dental checkups? Or do you tend to postpone them until a health issue becomes serious? An examination can alert us to dangers we don't know exist. It can also provide a sense of relief when we are given a clean bill of health.
In the same way, spiritual checkups are vitally important for all who call themselves Christians. God says, "Examine yourselves to see whether you are in the faith."
The call to careful self-examination receives its urgency
from the very great danger there is of self-deception.
—A.W. Pink - Pastor, Theologian, and Author (1886-1952)This nine-week study guide is designed to be used alongside the multi-award-winning book, Seven Words You Never Want to Hear.
Suitable for individuals, small groups and families with teenagers. A leader's guide and video testimonies can be accessed from the author's website.

About The Author

Denise Wilson

Denise Wilson has been concerned about the issues discussed in this book for over thirty years. She has a BS in biblical studies from Emmaus Bible College. A former missionary and church planter, she leads Bible studies, speaks at women’s events, and is passionate about sharing her faith. This homeschool mom lives in small town Ontario, Canada, with her husband, two sons, and a whole bunch of chickens.

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Rave Reviews for... Seven Words You Never Want to Hear: How to Be Sure You Won’t


"Wow! This is a must read for anyone interested in spiritual issues. I love how Denise Wilson uses true stories to draw the reader into heart- felt connections to the points being made. I also appreciate how she digs into the Bible, presenting the Truth clearly."

- Loretta


"I can’t say enough good things about this book. Theologically sound and filled with stories that will move and challenge you, this book humbly communicates God’s truth and His grace in equal measure. It has helped me understand much more clearly the cost — and the great reward — of being a follower of Christ. Highly recommended!"

- Janet Boden


"This book is a Must Read!!???????????? I thoroughly enjoyed this book; This book made me dig deeper into the Scriptures ( Matthew 7). This topic has burdened me for the past year and I was excited to see a book to explain it. I have been concerned that this has not been preached and it is a must for people to know the truth and get this revelation- thanks for following your call!"

- Mark Gilbert

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Seven Words You Never Want to Hear: How to Be Sure You Won’t

About The Book

When life is over and you stand before God, what will he say to you? 

There is no greater tragedy than for someone to go through their entire life thinking they are a Christian only to hear these seven fateful words at death: “I never knew you; depart from me” (Matt. 7:23). A. W. Tozer said, “It is my opinion that tens of thousands, if not millions, have been brought into some kind of religious experience by accepting Christ and they have not been saved.” How can you be sure that your profession of faith is more than just words? Seven Words You Never Want to Hear explores the mystery of salvation through the Scriptures and personal stories.

Author Denise Wilson invites you to take the challenge that the apostle Paul gave to the church at Corinth—examine yourselves to see whether you are in the faith. The gospel changes everything—beliefs, lifestyles, and priorities. Has it changed you?

Don’t wait until death to find out if you got it right.

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