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Am I Predestined? Or Free to Choose?


About The Book

Are certain people predestined to come to Christ? Or are we free to choose?


Are you confused by the tenets of Calvinism and Arminianism? Calvinism says God predestined certain people to faith and salvation and others to unbelief and condemnation. Arminianism, which espouses “free will,” says all have the ability to accept or reject Christ as the Son of God.


In this fascinating, in-depth study of this often-debated topic, author Craig A. Reid presents what the Bible says about the doctrines of predestination, free will, election, foreknowledge, the power of the new covenant, and how all who believe are the chosen and elect of God, as well as the emphasis the Bible places on the word all.


Through this thorough look at relevant scriptures and insightful analysis on all aspects of salvation, readers will have a better understanding of God, his power, and his great love for us. 

About The Author

Craig A. Reid

Craig A. Reid was born and raised in Houston, Texas, and met his wife of thirty-three years at the University of Texas at Austin where he received B.S. and M.S. degrees in petroleum engineering. Since then his career has been in the oil and gas business. An avid student of the Bible since 1997 when he read the entire Bible for the first time, he enjoys teaching the Bible, and is also the author of The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand. He and his wife have four children and live in Denver, Colorado.

Quotes from... Am I Predestined? Or Free to Choose?

That is the story of what God, because of his great love for his greatest creation, did for us. How that story ends for each one of us depends on how we respond to a question Jesus asked of his disciples when he said, “Who do you say that I am?” Unless a person answers that question the way Peter did, that person will suffer torment and judgment, eternally banished from the presence of God in a place the bible describes as the lake of fire.

Peter answered Jesus, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.”  When a person comes to the point where he can answer Jesus the way Peter did, the story for that person becomes one of forgiveness, righteousness, glory and honor and eternal life in the presence of the holy and almighty God! There is no greater story than this! There is no better news! … the gospel of Jesus Christ!

Before we continue with our discussion of this amazing “part two” of the gospel, we need to take a moment here and nail down one of the most critical truths in all the Bible: there is only one way that sins can be forgiven, and that is by the shedding of blood.  

According to the Bible, we have absolutely no ability to make or to cause a person to believe the gospel.  Let me repeat …we have no power to make a person believe the gospel.  

A person can certainly rebel against God and his will (e.g., Jonah), but the Bible is decidedly clear: God’s will and desire is for all mankind to be saved.  

What I am about to state is perhaps the most important principle in all the Bible when it comes to understanding Predestination versus Free Will: God chose people to salvation before the foundation of the world, because, by his foreknowledge, he knew they would come to faith in his Son, Jesus.

However, we also learn from Romans 4:4 that if righteousness is not received by works, it is received by grace—righteousness is either a debt we earn by our works or a gift we are given by grace.

If you want to really understand the Bible, including God’s plan of redemption, his eternal promises, and his great love for us, study his covenants. 

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