Jericho Unmasked – An Entrapped Lesbian’s Journey to Freedom

Jericho Unmasked – An Entrapped Lesbian’s Journey to Freedom


About The Book

Before I was six years old, I found salvation in Christ, but childhood abuse, trauma sustained through legalistic religion, and an ongoing struggle with my sexual identity took a steep toll on my relationship with God. A wall of brokenness surrounded my life, encasing me within a fortress where depravity and darkness reigned.

But even as I struggled through decades of pain and searching, a scarlet cord tethered me to God, leading to one miraculous moment that would collapse the walled fortress that kept me from realizing His full purpose for my life.

Tracing my journey through darkness and back into the light of God’s never-ceasing love, this memoir showcases the redemptive power of the God who never lets his children go. Sensitively told, this story offers encouragement to those with family members or friends struggling with issues of sexual identity, by underscoring the power of divine possibility, the necessity of showing love to the broken, and the importance of relational, believing prayer.

This book is my “little epistle.” It is my story and my journey with the Lord. It is not meant to be prescriptive. My main mission is to encourage those with family or friends experiencing a sexual identity struggle to stand in the gap and march around the walls of Jericho. God promises He will finish the work He begins in His children. For those struggling, I want to provide a basis of hope that your name was on the cross and God saw you before time. Submission to His godly purpose for your life promises to yield the greatest freedom and joy this side of eternity.

About The Author

Cari Gintz

If you were to ask my family and friends to describe me in a single word, it would be “passionate.” I seize life with an energy and vigor, as if each day were my final. As a relational extrovert, I am surrounded by many dear friends and a strong accountability network that keeps my eyes fixed on Christ and His Word. On a personal level, I enjoy vacations that require a minimal amount of luggage and a maximum amount of exercise, such as cycling in Europe, trekking in the Andes, or kayaking in Alaska. My daughter is the only one keen to accompany me, so many excursions are ventures on my own with strangers from all over the world.

Like many, I aim to lower my golf handicap as well.

I have been fortunate to enjoy a diverse and dynamic career as a global project manager and operations leader, encompassing travel throughout the world and also seizing unique opportunities to share the story of God’s amazing grace in my life. A native of Southern California, I now reside in beautiful northeast Ohio with glorious scenic views that should all be translated into screen savers.
In my deep and quiet space, God has graciously granted the gift of poetry. I wrote this particular one years ago; however, the lines have “returned” to my heart and mind in many circumstances and reminded me of true Purpose.

Cari Gintz

Rave Reviews for... Jericho Unmasked – An Entrapped Lesbian’s Journey to Freedom


“We walked alongside of Cari Gintz during the 2014 Gay Games in Cleveland. I could see she has a great heart for people, though to be honest, I didn’t quite “get” her. Having tackled this must-read autobiography, we now praise God for her love for Jesus, her determination to walk bravely, the prayers of her mother, and the deep respect and burden for all the ones her life’s path has touched. Be challenged, be encouraged, and be blessed by God’s story in and through her.”

— Pastor Joe and Debbie Abraham
Scranton Road Bible Church, Cleveland, Ohio

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